Taylor Daily Press Obituary Index
January 1997 to August 2006
Alphabetical by Last Name A-C
Last Name First Name & Middle Death Date Birth Date Buried Citation Notes
Aanstoos Margaret Duff 4-Nov-2004 6-Dec-1918 St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 5-Nov-2004 obituary
Achee Sterling G. 29-Mar--2000   Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio 30-Mar-2000 death notice
Achtruth Carl Henry 28-Dec-1996   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Dec-1996 obituary
Acosta Linda 17-Aug-1998   Cook/Walden Capital Parks 20-Aug-1998 obituary
Adams Bessie 2-Jun-2002 13-Dec-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Jun-2002 obituary
Adams Callista Eiben 8-Jul-1997     10-Jul-1997 obituary
Adams Florice Carlice 20-Mar-2005   Holland Cemetery 22-Mar-2005 death notice
Adams Garnet June 15-Mar-2002 5-Jun-1917 Body donated to science 19-Mar-2002 obituary
Adams Jerry 11-Dec-1998 15-Apr-1915 Criswell Cemetery, Marlin  14-Dec-1998 obituary
Adkins Ethel Bernice 11-Dec-2000     13-Dec-2000 obituary
Adkins James Newton 15-Dec-2000 4-May-1911   18-Dec-2000 obituary
Aery Ray (S.K.) 3-Sep-2006     8-Sep-2006 death notice
Agnew Ruby Krumm 5-Jan-1997   Cook/Walden Capital Parks 7-Jan-1997 obituary
Aguilar Dorothy Rae Hornaday 7-Apr-2004 20-Jul-1933   13-Apr-2004 obituary
Aguilar Isaias 2-Nov-2000   Durango, San Juan, Mexico 3-Nov-2000 obituary
Aguilar Mario 3-Apr-2000   St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 6-Apr-2000 obituary
Aguilar Natividad Brisnero 17-Nov-2001     19-Nov-2001 obituary
Aguirre Cassandra 10-Oct-2000 16-Jan-1988 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 13-Nov-2000 obituary
Ahrens Alllen H.Sr. 3-Jul-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Jul-2003 death notice
Ahrens Grayce 17-Sep-2002 25-Sep-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Sep-2002 obituary
Aiello Jody Rau 21-Jan-2005 18-Sep-1953 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Jan-2005 obituary
Aiello Kyle Joseph  27-May-2006     31-May-2006 obituary
Ake Arthur E.     Taylor City Cemetery 6-Dec-1996 obituary
Alaniz Nasaria 31-Jul-2001 28-Jul-1911 Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Cemetery 3-Aug-2001 obituary
Alba Inez Maria 22-Dec-1999 21-Jan-1949 St. Mary's Cemetery, Hutto 24-Dec-1999 obituary
Albert  Wendell N. 20-Jan-2003     22-Jan-2003 death notice
Alderete Amparro 26-Dec-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Dec-2005 obituary
Alderete Andrea 14-Mar-2005 11-Oct-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-2005 obituary
Alderete Antonio 2-Oct-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Oct-1997 obituary
Alderete Beatrice Pachicano 9-Dec-2002 4-Nov-1944 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 11-Dec-2002 obituary
Alderete Betty Villanueva 13-Jun-1999 17-Feb-1935 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 14-Jun-1999 obituary
Alderete Cruz 4-May-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 5-May-1997 death notice
Alderete Cruz Jr. 17-Aug-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Aug-2004 death notice
Alderete Ignacio Jr. 4-Apr-2004 17-Dec-1945 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Apr-2004 obituary
Alderete Juan 16-Sep-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Sep-2005 death notice
Alderete Memencina 7-Nov-1999 1-Dec-1925   9-Nov-1999 obituary
Aleman Jose Alvarez 4-Oct-2001 19-Mar-1919 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 5-Oct-2001 obituary
Aleman Simon Lopez, II 7-Jun-2003   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 9-Jun-2003 death notice
Alexander Hoover Herman Collins  Sr. 3-Jan-2004   Evergreen Cemetery, Austin 9-Jan-2004 death notice
Alexander Margaret Burruss 21-Jan-2005 26-Oct-1913   25-Jan-2005 obituary
Allen Amos 11-Aug-2004     17-Aug-2004 death notice
Allen Amos 12-Aug-2004     13-Aug-2004 death notice
Allen Andre Jr. 22-Jul-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Jul-2005 death notice
Allen Daniel C. 15-May-2002 8-Sep-1943 Liberty Cemetery,Bradford 17-May-2002 obituary
Allen Doris 6-Apr-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Apr-1998 death notice
Allen Ernest Jefferson 28-Jun-2002   Hillcrest Cemetery,Temple 1-Jul-2002 obituary
Allen Frances 26-Feb-1997 12-Dec-1921 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 27-Feb-1997 obituary
Allen Mrs. Margert 8-Sep-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Sep-1997 death notice
Allgood Mary Leah 12-Jul-2004   Colonial Gardens Cemetery, Marshall 14-Jul-2004 death notice
Allison Helen Lannen 18-Nov-1999 12-Oct-1916 Calvary Hill Mausoleum, Dallas 19-Nov-1999 obituary
Almazan Antolin L. 30-Dec-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 31-Dec-1997 obituary
Almazan Carolina V. 9-Aug-2003 2-Jan-1922 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Taylor 11-Aug-2003 obituary
Almazan Guadalupe L. 31-Oct-2002 12-Dec-1924 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 1-Nov-2002 obituary
Almquist Audrey Irene 2-Apr-2000     3-Apr-2000 death notice
Almquist Gus 9-Dec-2001 6-Aug-1933 Hutto Lutheran Cemetery 11-Dec-2001 obituary
Amaro Clara 7-Jan-1997   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 9-Jan-1997 obituary
Anderson Alton S. 14-May-1998   New Sweden Cemetery 21-May-1998 death notice
Anderson Charles 17-Jul-2006 9-Nov-1961   21-Jul-2006 obituary
Anderson Dorothy Lee 9-Apr-2000   St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Richland 11-Apr-2000 obituary
Anderson Edmond A. 31-Jul-2001   City of Lubbock Cemetery 2-Aug-2001 death notice
Anderson Edwin R. "Swede" 27-Jan-1998   Oak Hill Cemetery 28-Jan-1998 death notice
Anderson Elna Victoria 10-Sep-1999 19=Jan-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Sep-1999 obituary
Anderson Eric P. 7-Sep-1997     9-Sep-1997 death notice
Anderson Eric Victor 2-May-2006 16-Dec-1912 Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 4-May-2006 obituary
Anderson F.A. "Andy" 7-Dec-1999 31-Jul-1925 Cook-Walden Capital Park Cemetery 8-Dec-1999 obituary
Anderson Floyd C. 5-Feb-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Feb-1998 obituary
Anderson Gracie Evelyn 25-May-1997 16-Oct-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 27-May-1997 obituary
Anderson Hilda Martha 19-Jun-1999 27-Jun-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Jun-1999 obituary
Anderson Hildur 23-Aug-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Aug-2001 death notice
Anderson Joyce Gwendolyn David 25-Mar-2002 30-Aug-1951 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 27-Mar-2002 obituary
Anderson Kenneth Ray 8-Apr-2003 29-Dec-1951 Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria, TX 11-Apr-2003 obituary
Anderson Rev. H.L. 30-Nov-1996   Columbus, Tx 10-Dec-1996 death notice
Anderson Robert H. (Bob) 15-Jul-2000 4-Mar-1949 Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 19-Jul-2000 obituary
Anderson Rubell Deavers 11-Nov-2002 7-Mar-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Nov-2002 obituary
Anderson Thomas Ray William 16-Mar-1999 22-Jun-1977 Memorial Park Cemetery 18-Mar-1999 obituary
Anderson Virginia Ann 22-Oct-1998   McLean Cemetery, Rogers 23-Oct-1998 death notice
Anderson Zella 25-Feb-2000   Evangelical Free Cemetery 28-Feb-2000 death notice
Anderson  Stella Pauline 4-Apr-1999   Lawhon Springs Cemetery, Lee Co. 7-Apr-1999 death notice
Andes Ruby 4-Dec-2001 6-Mar-1928 Yegua Creek Evangelical Free Church Cemetery 6-Dec-2001 obituary
Andrews Ernest "Red" 2-Jan-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Jan-1999 obituary
Anglin Doris Mae 25-Jul-1999   Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery 27-Jul-1999 obituary
Anglin Robert Gene 7-Oct-1997   Cook/Walden Capital Parks 9-Oct-1997 obituary
Anthony  Mildred D. 29-Jul-2002 23-Sep-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jul-2002 obituary
Antill Elizabeth Ann "Micky" Mikus Foerster  16-Feb-2004   Gulfport, Mississippi 19-Feb-2004 obituary
Antoine Alonso 11-Apr-2004   Assumption Cemetery, Austin 15-Apr-2004 death notice
Appel James 18-Jun-1998   Fullerton Cemetery, Rockport 19-Jun-1998 death notice
Appel Vernon, Rev. 15-Oct-2002 15-Apr-1925 St.Paul Lutheran Church,Thorndale 17-Oct-2002 obituary
Applegate Kenneth Wayne    10-May-1945 Land Cemetery in Jarrell 28-Jun-2006 obituary
Aquiningoc Desiree Lydia 24-Aug-2005     31-Aug-2005 death notice
Arbuckie Cornelia 20-Jul-2000   Bartlett City Cemetery 21-Jul-2000 obituary
Arledge Donald C.  29-Apr-2003 10-Feb-1935 Taylor City Cemetery 1-May-2003 obituary
Arning Edmund 30-Nov-1998 20-Jul-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Dec-1998 obituary
Arning Irene 23-Nov-2003 30-Jun-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Nov-2003 obituary
Arnold J.B. 5-Jul-2006   Colorado Chapel Cemetery 7-Jul-2006 death notice
Arrington James Millard 2-Aug-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Aug-2005 death notice
Artieschoufsky Adolph H. 15-Apr-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Apr-1997 obituary
Artieschoufsky Harvey Lee 14-Feb-2006 29-Dec-1936 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Feb-2006 obituary
Arzola Ricardo Raymond 2-Apr-1997   Latin Cemetery in Elgin 7-Apr-1997 obituary
Ash Frances (Mama Fran) 18-May-1999 13-Dec-1918   19-May-1999 Obituary
Ash Gladys   26-Aug-2001   Cook-Walden Memorial Hill Park,Pflugerville 28-Aug-2001 death notice
Ashmore Frank B., Jr. 13-May-2006 10-Jun-1937 Manor Cemetery 17-May-2006 obituary
Ashworth Sue Mummey 12-Jan-2002   Davilla Cemetery,Davilla 14-Jan-2002 death notice
Ates Clyde 5-Feb-2005   Cook-Walden Cemetery, Pflugerville 7-Feb-2005 death notice
Atkins Dorothy Maye 26-Jan-2006 18-Sep-1929   26-Jan-2006 obituary
Atkinson Adale Alma Haag 25-Mar-2004 27-Jul-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Mar-2004 obituary
Atkinson Jeffrey Allen 11-Apr-2000   Andice Cemetery 13-Apr-2000 death notice
Atkinson Louis Graden 31-Mar-2004 29-Jan-1940 Andice City Cemetery 2-Apr-2004 obituary
Atwood  David Luke 31-Aug-2001 1-Sep-1983 Beaukiss Cemetey 5-Sep-2001 obituary
Ausburn Augusta "Gussie" Emma 29-Jan-2003 17-Aug-1904 Holy Cross Cemetery ,Granger 30-Jan-2003 obituary
Austin Winona Othell Murdock 14-Aug-1998 30-Nov-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Aug-1998 obituary
Baca Georgie Ann 29-Dec-2001 28-Jan-1913 Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 1-Jan-2002 obituary
Bachmayer Clara Katheryn 25-Dec-1998 23-Mar-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Dec-1998 obituary
Bachmayer Glenn Ray 26-Nov-1998 23-Apr-1937 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 27-Nov-1998 obituary
Bachmayer Lydia Rieger 27-Dec-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Dec-2002 death notice
Bachmeyer Alma Marie 18-Nov-1999 17-Jan-1918 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 19-Nov-1999 obituary
Bachmeyer Ella Meiske 12-Aug-2003 29-Jan-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Aug-2003 obituary
Bachmeyer LeeRoy  M.  Sr. 24-Jan-2004 17-Dec-1938   27-Jan-2004 obituary
Back   Martha K. 2-Sep-2001 20-Aug-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Sep-2001 obituary
Backman Jens A. 18-Mar-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Mar-2002 death notice
Badough Dee A. 22-Feb-1997   Oak Grove Cemetery in Yoakum 24-Feb-1997 death notice
Bagwell Wilfred G. "Bill" 17-Aug-2002     19-Aug-2002 death notice
Bailey Bernice 24-May-2002   Llano City Cemetery,Llano 28-May-2002 death notice
Bailey Ella Mae Sanders  16-Mar-2006 29-Apr-1905 Cook-Walden Capital Memorial Park 17-Mar-2006 obituary
Bailey William Coleman 12-Oct-2005   Harper Community Cemetery  14-Oct-2005 death notice
Bailey  Joyce, Atlean  9-Jul-2006   Taylor City Cemetery  13-Jul-2006 death notice 
Baker Albert Leon 12-May-2002   Post Oak Cemetery 13-May-2002 death notice
Baker Cheryl Carpenter 9-Jan-2002 19-Jul-1960 Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 11-Jan-2002 obituary
Baker Louis Dimitri 9-Apr-2002 1-Sep-1962   12-Apr-2002 obituary
Baker Robert Nathan "Babe" 15-Jul-2002   I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Rockdale 17-Jul-2002 death notice
Balderas  Rosa Sanchez 16-Dec-2002 17-Nov-1908 Cook-Walden/Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery,Pflugerville 19-Dec-2002 obituary
Baldwin Harrison "Chris" 29-Sep-2005   Shiloh Cemetery, Blackshear, GA 7-Oct-2005 death notice
Baldwin Ross 19-May-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 19-May-2000 obituary
Balley Mrs. Laney 1-Jul-2000 10-Oct-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Jul-2000 obituary
Balusek Alvarie Frances "Mickey" 6-May-2001     10-May-2001 death notice
Balusek David Gregory 15-Apr-2001 15-Mar-1965 Moffat Cemetery 18-Apr-2001 obituary
Balusek Eddie 13-Feb-1997   Holland Cemetery 17-Feb-1997 obituary
Balusek Kenneth E. 24-Mar-2005 12-Feb-1943   25-Mar-2005 obituary
Balusek Randy Howard 3-Feb-1999 23-Aug-1965 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 4-Feb-1999 obituary
Balusek Wanda Jo 4-Sep-2003 11-Mar-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Sep-2003 obituary
Banks Billy 5-Apr-1999 30-Jun-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Apr-1999 obituary
Barber Thelma Moseley 23-Nov-2000 16-Aug-1904 Oak Lawn Cemetery in Rockdale 27-Nov-2000 obituary
Barcak Doris Jayne 16-Dec-2005 16-Dec-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Dec-2005 death notice
Barchenger Bruno William "Bill" 1-Sep-2000 21-Nov-1912 IOOF Cemetery, Georgetown 5-Sep-2000 obituary
Barcuch Joseph W. "Jo Boy" 31-Dec-2005 15-Nov-1941 Cavalry Cemetery  3-Jan-2006 obituary
Barcuch Mary Antonia 15-Aug-2004     16-Aug-2004 death notice
Barcuch Mary Tonie 15-Aug-2004 17-Dec-1915 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 17-Aug-2004 obituary
Barcuch Richard Charles 20-Aug-2002   Squaw Creek Cemetery,Rainbow 26-Aug-2002 death notice
Barefield Ruth 6-Nov-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 11-Nov-1997 death notice
Barker Colleen 7-Apr-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Apr-2000 death notice
Barker Emzy Taylor III 28-Nov-2004 13-Aug-1941   29-Nov-2004 obituary
Barker Manuel Larnce 6-Aug-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Aug-1998 obituary
Barker Ruth M. 4-May-2000 13-Jul-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 5-May-2000 obituary
Barkley Jack R. 17-Aug-2002     19-Aug-2002 death notice
Barnard Connie 19/26/04   Austin Memorial Park 28-Oct-2004 death notice
Barnes Bobby 11-Mar-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 14-Mar-2006 death notice
Barnes Burlene Mae 18-Jan-2006 16-Mar-1918 Granger Cemetery 20-Jan-2006 obituary
Barnes Marie 20-Aug-1997     20-Aug-1997 death notice
Barnes Terry "Bub" 27-Jan-2004     29-Jan-2004 obituary
Barr Laurence E. 11-Aug-1999   Taylor Cty Cemeteryi 12-Aug-1999 death notice
Barratachea Juaquina 14-Oct-1998   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 15-Oct-1998 death notice
Barrett Lessie 6-Dec-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Dec-1998 death notice
Barrier Mrs. Roy (Faye Bohannan) 15-Mar-1998 22-Sep-1909 Terry Co. Memorial Cemetery 20-Mar-1998 obituary
Barrier Roy   4-Jun-1903 Terry Co. Memorial Cemetery 20-Aug-1997 obituary
Barrington Julia Ross 7-Mar-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Jul-2000 obituary
Barron Irwin Doye 17-Dec-1999 23-Nov-1930 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 20-Dec-1999 obituary
Barron Kate 25-Oct-2000 27-Mar-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Oct-2000 obituary
Barron Leila 17-Feb-2000 20-Dec-1921   18-Feb-2000 obituary
Barron Thelma Josephine 18-Oct-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Oct-1997 obituary
Barry Afton 21-Nov-2000 8-Jul-1906 Granger City Cemetery 24-Nov-2000 death notice
Barry Angela Meister 5-Mar-2006 21-Dec.1908 Taylor Municipal Cemetery 8-Mar-2006 obituary
Barry  Emma Afton 21-Nov-2000     22-Nov-2000 death notice
Bartlett Edward Robert (Ned) 12-Jan-1998 25-Jun-1936 Bartlett City Cemetery 13-Jan-1998 obituary
Bartlett Ione 12-Mar-2005   Bartlett City Cemetery 14-Mar-2005 death notice
Bartlett Mary Emily 30-Apr-2000   Bartlett City Cemetery 2-May-2000 obituary
Barton Bob 4-May-2006   Holland Cemetery 5-May-2006 obituary
Barton Elsie Lydia Pokorny 8-Jan-2001 20-Jun-1916 Granger Bethren Cemetery 11-Jan-2001 obituary
Bartosh Albert J. "Smokey" 8-Aug-2005 27-Aug-1938 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 9-Aug-2005 obituary
Bartosh Cornelia (Connie ) Marie 19-Nov-2000 26-Apr-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Nov-2000 obituary
Bartosh Fern 9-Dec-2005     12-Dec-2005 death notice
Bartosh James E., Sr. 9-Feb-2001   St.Mary's Catholic Chuch Cemetery 12-Feb-2001 obituary
Bartosh L.R. "Doc" 20-Apr-2000 24-Jul-1922 Granger Brethren Cemetery  21-Apr-2000 obituary
Bartosh Patsy Niel 22-Nov-1998 13-Jun-1939 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 24-Nov-1998 obituary
Bartosh  Mary Martha 1-Mar-2003 2-Aug-1917 Holy Cross Cemetery  3-Mar-2003 obituary
Basco Roy Joe 19-May-2003 5-Nov-1939 Taylor City Cemetery 21-May-2003 obituary
Basey Thomas Eugene 17-Jun-2001   Oak Lawn Cemetery,Rockdale 20-Jun-2001 death notice
Bason Inez G. 5-Oct-2001   Santa Maria Cemetery,Hutto 8-Oct-2001 death notice
Bassile Marco J."Mike" 13-May-1999 6-Sep-1917 St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 14-May-1999 obituary
Basulto Louis N. (Tafu) Jr. 29-May-1997   St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 2-Jun-1997 obituary
Bates  Harvey 10-Nov-2001     9-Nov-2001 death notice
Batia Victor 17-Dec-2000     18-Dec-2000 death notice
Batla Anna Otillie Zschiesche 30-Apr-1999   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery 3-May-1999 death notice
Batla Christine Albina 23-Mar-2002 30-Jun-1917   25-Mar-2002 obituary
Batla Joe Emil, Jr. 6-Dec-1997   Granger Brethren Cemetery  8-Dec-1997 obituary
Batla Johnny 26-Apr-2006 8-Nov-1912   27-Apr-2006 obituary
Batla Mildred J. 30-Nov-1998 11-Mar-1929 Granger Brethren Cemetery  2-Dec-1998 obituary
Batla Victor 17-Dec-2000 23-Oct-1912 Granger Brethren Cemetery  19-Dec-2000 obituary
Batson Doyla Lee 18-Feb-1998 20-Feb-1930 Cremated 20-Feb-1998 obituary
Batson Jan Ash  4-Sep-2006     5-Sep-2006 death notice
Batto Agatha Frances Mazurek   28-Oct-2005 St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery 1-Nov-2005 obituary
Bauerkemper Ronda Lee 4-Jan-2005 15-Jul-1961   6-Jan-2005 obituary
Bauerschlag Elmo 22-Dec-2004     23-Dec-2004 death notice
Baumbach Charles David 7-Sep-1997   Black Jack Springs Cemetery, LaGrange 8-Sep-1997 death notice
Baylor Wilma "Billie" 15-Jul-1997     17-Jul-1997 obituary
Beaird Ada Lavinia 2-Feb-2002   Jones Chapel Cemetery,Bangs,Texas 5-Feb-2002 death notice
Beaman Lucilla Hamann 1-Jul-2000 23-Jan-1924 St.John Evangelical Lutheran UCC Cemetery at Richland 3-Jul-2000 obituary
Beard Ida Clara 7-Dec-1996   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Dec-1996 death notice
Beard R.M. 24-Feb-1999 14-Oct-1907 Salty Cemetery, Salty 26-Feb-1999 obituary
Beard Rickey Bob 23-Jul-1998 14-Sep-1954 Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery 29-Jul-1998 obituary
Beard Truett 21-Dec-2002   Granger City Cemetery 23-Dec-2002 death notice
Bearden Donnell B. 4-Mar-2005 11-Dec-1932 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Mar-2005 obituary
Bearden Eleanor "Babe" 25-Nov-2000 18-May-1934 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Nov-2000 obituary
Beasley Amanda 27-Mar-2004     26-Mar-2004 death notice
Beasley Hildagene 14-Apr-2002 28-Nov-1935 Adina Cemetery,Lee County 16-Apr-2002 obituary
Beck Meta Hackemesser 26-Nov-1996 2-May-1926 Lakeview Cemetery 27-Nov-1996 obituary
Beck Nellie "June" 29-Sep-2001 20-Jun-1926 Memorial Park Cemetery,Enid,Ok. 3-Oct-2001 obituary
Becker Alice   6-Oct-2004 6-Mar-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Oct-2004 obituary
Becker Charlie F. 29-Oct-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Nov-1999 death notice
Becker Irmgard Moerbe 14-Jun-2006 21-Dec-1914 St. Paul Cemetery, Thorndale 16-Jun-2006 obituary
Becker Perry 19-Oct-1999 9-Feb-1912 St.Peter's Church Cemetery, Coupland 21-Oct-1999 obituary
Becker Selma "Sally" 8-Oct-2993   St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 10-Oct-2003 death notice
Beckerman Charles B. Jr. 4-Oct-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Oct-1998 death notice
Beckman George Andrew 18-Jul-1998 27-May-1964   20-Jul-1998 obituary
Beesley LaJuana Jo Pruett 4-May-2000 19-Dec-1938 Davilla Cemetery 8-May-2000 obituary
Belicek Alex H. 4-Mar-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Mar-1997 obituary
Bell Ella Mae 15-May-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 18-May-2006 obituary
Bell Elwood Martin 15-Nov-2004   Holland Cemetery 17-Nov-2004 death notice
Bell Gwendolin Louise 12-Apr-1998   Holland Cemetery 14-Apr-1998 death notice
Belz Barbara Sue 12-Sep-2004 24-Dec-1943   15-Sep-2004 obituary
Belz Evelyn "Tootsie" 27-Oct-1997 17-Jan-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Oct-1997 obituary
Belz Louise 30-Aug-1999 22-Sep-1914 Palm Valley Church Cemetery 31-Aug-1999 obituary
Benad Lillian A. "Lendy" 20-Sep-2001 20-Aug-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Sep-2001 obituary
Benad Millard Hans 18-Jan-2001 14-Nov-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Jan-2001 obituary
Bender Venton E. "Pappy" 21-Aug-2004   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 24-Aug-2004 death notice
Bennett  Reverend Jimmy 28-Dec-2001 19-Jul-1954 Weches Cemetery,near Crockett,Texas 31-Dec-2001 obituary
Bennight Harris 8-Jan-2006     10-Jan-2006 death notice
Bennight Iona 2-Jan-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Jan-1998 obituary
Bennight Mary 4-May-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 6-May-1998 obituary
Benson Annie Mae Johnson 17-Jan-2001 5-Jun-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Jan-2001 obituary
Bentley Nancy Bunnell 18-Aug-2005     30-Aug-2005 death notice
Beran Della Rychlik 9-May-2001 26-Oct-1922 Earthman Cemetery,Houston 15-May-2001 obituary
Beran Ella Louisa Emma 3-May-2004 23-Jul-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 5-May-2004 obituary
Beran Frieda 15-May-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 17-May-1999 death notice
Bergman Claire Estelle 12-Nov-2004 26-Aug-1922   16-Nov-2004 obituary
Bergstrom Ivan "Hook" 2-Aug-1998 29-Aug-1920 Hutto Lutheran Cemetery 5-Aug-1998 obituary
Bernal Augustina (Tina) Gomez 14-Jul-1998 3-Jun-1931 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 15-Jul-1998 obituary
Bernhardt Adolph Frank "Buck", Jr. 25-Apr-2001 5-Oct-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Apr-2001 obituary
Bernhardt Pearl R.   6-Jun-2004 29-Dec-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Jun-2004 obituary
Bernhardt Roy Earnest 27-Nov-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Nov-1997 obituary
Berry Allyne Lucille 12-Sep-2000   St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 14-Sep-2000 death notice
Berry Grace Miriam Fulcher Davis 23-Jul-2001 28-Jun-1898 Locklin Cemetery 26-Jul-2001 obituary
Berry Mrs. Jewell Allene (Guthrie) 31-Jan-1997   Pleasant Hill Cemetery,near Rockdale 3-Feb-1997 death notice
Berry Willie Weldon 28-Mar-1997   St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 31-Mar-1997 obituary
Berry  Carl Louis 24-Jul-2002   Evergreen Cemetery, Austin 26-Jul-2002 death notice
Berry   Catherine 4-Jan-2004 10-Apr-1925 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 7-Jan-2004 obituary
Berryhill Leon John 19-Jul-2004 24-May-1925 Berryhill Family Cemetery, Lake Bastrop Acres 22-Jul-2004 obituary
Betak Mary J. 8-Feb-2005 24-Mar-1917 St.Mary's Cemetary 10-Feb-2005 obituary
Betak Roy Don 21-May-2001 6-Dec-1943 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks,Pflugerville 24-May-2001 obituary
Beversdorf  Frederick Marcus Erwin, Jr. 14-Nov-2002     15-Nov-2002 death notice
Bevill Emmogene Brown 17-Jan-2001 7-Jan-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Jan-2001 obituary
Beyer Dorothy Ruth 24-Mar-2000 5-Jan-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Mar-2000 obituary
Beyer Lydia Streit 12-Nov-2005 19-Sep-1922 Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, West Taylor 14-Nov-2005 obituary
Beyer Westin (Sonny) Edwin 5-Nov-1998 31-Oct-1932 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 10-Nov-1998 obituary
Biar Martha  1-Feb-2003   St.Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 4-Feb-2003 death notice
Bielss Alfred B. 1-Oct-1998   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery,Bartlett 2-Oct-1998 death notice
Bielss Charles 20-Jul-2004 28-Sep-1929 St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Bartlett 21-Jul-2004 obituary
Bielss Charles Gene 20-Jul-2004   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Bartlett 22-Jul-2004 death notice
Bielss Cora Minnie 17-Sep-2003   St. John Church Cemetery, Bartlett 19-Sep-2003 death notice
Bigham Texana Wilkirson 3-Nov-2000   Holland City Cemetery 6-Nov-2000 death notice
Bigon Sandra Kim Bearden 20-Dec-1997 5-May-1961 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Dec-1997 obituary
Birchard Eldred Marvin 26-Jan-2004 21-Jul-1921 Pine Ridge Memorial Park, Alabama 30-Jan-2004 death notice
Bird Anna Schwertnew 24-Nov-2000   Bartlett City Cemetery 27-Nov-2000 death notice
Birkelbauch Bessie   25-Dec-1905 Restlawn Memorial Park 20-Oct-2004 obituary
Bisang Brenda Carol 27-Jul-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jul-1997 death notice
Bishop Laurence Lee, Jr. 19-Jan-2000 12-Dec-1942 Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery, Sweet Home, TX 21-Jan-2000 obituary
Bishop Marion 11-Feb-1999   Terry Co. Memorial Park, Brownfield 18-Feb-1999 obituary
Bishop Ruby Lee Brill 24-Aug-2003 22-Sep-1921   25-Sep-2003 obituary
Bizzell Elaine Miller 28-Mar-1998 15-Feb-1946 IOOF Cemetery, Georgetown 2-Apr-1998 obituary
Blackburn Andrew Lawrence 6-Aug-2002 2-Apr-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Aug-2002 obituary
Blacklock Betty Lee 1-Jul-2006     12-Jul-2006 obituary
Blackstone Travis Matthew 24-Mar-2005   Hutto City Cemetery 30-Mar-2005 obituary
Blackwell Eldora, Betty,Druesedwo, Lane  13-Jan-2006 24-Apr-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Jan-2006 obituary
Blackwell Ruth 4-Jun-2006 27-Jun-1957 I.O.O.F. Cemetery,Rockdale  6-Jun-2006 obituary
Blaha Mrs. Jodie (Monica J.) 7-Apr-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Apr-1997 obituary
Blakely Jesse "Dino" 31-Mar-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Apr-2004 death notice
Blakley Johnny Ray "Shake" 2-Aug-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Aug-2005 death notice
Blakney Ludie Dell 9-Nov-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 11-Nov-2003 death notice
Blomquist Mildred Peterson 19-Oct-2001   Austin Memorial Park Cemetery 22-Oct-2001 obituary
Blomquist  LeVerne Carlson "Swede" 2-Jun-2002 20-Jul-1915 Austin Memorial Park Cemetery 4-Jun-2002 obituary
Blue Leola 13-Sep-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Sep-2002 death notice
Blunson Rosie Lee 26-Mar-2004 10-Mar-1939 Taylor City Cemetery 1-Apr-2004 obituary
Bodden Erna Marie Boehm 18-May-1999 27-May-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 21-May-1999 obituary
Boecker August "Gus" Jennings 31-Dec-2000     2-Jan-2001 death notice
Boettcher Ernest John 4-Dec-1999   St.James Lutheran Church Cemetery,Lexinton  6-Dec-1999 death noticeStoglin
Bohac Bernice Teltow 21-Dec-2003 23-Nov-1937   23-Dec-2003 obituary
Bohac D.I. 30-Nov-2001   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 3-Dec-2001 death notice
Bohac Dr.Dorothy Marie 11-Feb-2002 18-Aug-1928 Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 13-Feb-2002 obituary
Bohac Gertrude Marie 10-Sep-1999 3-Jun-1916 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 13-Sep-1999 death notice
Bohac Henry R. 6-May-1999   Holy Cross Mausoleum 10-May-1999 obituary
Bohannan Betty 6-Mar-2003   Bellwood Memorial Park 10-Mar-2003 obituary
Bohlen Kurt Edgar 29-Jul-1998     31-Jul-1998 obituary
Bohls Emil A. 3-Jun-2006   Immanuel Lutheran Cementery, Taylor 5-Jun-2006 obituary
Bohls Justine 'Kay' 19-Mar-2005 11-Mar-1917 Capital Memorial Park Cemetery, Pflugerville 22-Mar-2005 obituary
Bohls Pastor Alvin H. 20-Nov-1998     24-Nov-1998 obituary
Bolon Marcella "Marcy" 21-Feb-2004 13-May-1925 Drum Funeral Home & Cremations in Conover, No. Carolina 23-Feb-2004 obituary
Bone  Marguerite Florence Jordan 19-May-2003 26-Sep-1920 Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 18-Jun-2003 obituary
Boney  Nelda Augusta "Short" 14-Oct-2001 22-Jun-1931 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Oct-2001 obituary
Bonkowski Felix 21-Feb-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery 23-Feb-1998 death notice
Bonkowski Sharon 25-Oct-2000   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 26-Oct-2000 death notice
Bonner  Mary Aanstoos 14-Jun-2006 10-Sep-1947   19-Jun-2006 death notice
Borchardt Julia 9-Jan-1998 13-Dec-1904 Plainview Cemetery 12-Jan-1998 obituary
Borgne Dolores 5-Aug-2006 9-Aug-1932 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 8-Aug-2006 obituary
Bortz Joyce M. 24-Dec-2002 20-Nov-1938 Waco Memorial North 26-Dec-2002 death notice
Botello Santiago "Jimmy" 3/13/20003 19-May-1923 St.Mary's Cemetery  14-Mar-2003 obituary
Boudny Mary Hectorina Monroe 20-May-2003 17-Dec-1900 Taylor City Cemetery 22-May-2003 obituary
Boudny Thelma Rosa Stiba 15-Mar-1998 7-Jan-1928 Greenlawn Memorial Park, Rosenberg 16-Mar-1998 death notice
Boudny  Alfred Louis, Sr. 16-Jan-2003 5-May-1925 Greenlawn Memorial Park,Rosenberg 20-Jan-2003 obituary
Boutwell Lenora Kollman Seelig  27-Feb-2003 9-Oct-1915   13-Mar-2003 obituary
Bowen Ben Morris 3-Mar-1998 6-Feb-1921 Rosehill Cemetery 5-Mar-1998 obituary
Bowen Michael Royce 12-Dec-2000 26-Nov-1946 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Dec-2000 obituary
Bowman Florence Nord 30-Apr-2000 24-Sep-1904 Taylor City Cemetery 2-May-2000 obituary
Bownds Agnes Helen 13-Jan-2001   Mesquite Cemetery,near Lexington 16-Jan-2001 death notice
Box Edna L. 25-Aug-1999 21-Dec-1915 Friendship Cemetery 26-Aug-1999 obituary
Box Regina Juanita (Lawrence) 22-Nov-2004 6-Dec-1925 Lawrence Chapel Cemetery, Shiloh 29-Nov-2004 obituary
Boydston James Neal 7-Jun-1999 31-Jul-1931 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 9-Jun-1999 obituary
Boykin Travis Wayne "Taco Bell" 17-Jan-2003 8-May-1943   20-Jan-2003 obituary
Bradford Joe Jr. 6-Feb-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Feb-2005 obituary
Bradford  Rosie L. 2-Oct-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 4-Oct-2001 death notice
Bradley Dorothy  Louise 2-Sep-2001 13-May-1914 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 4-Sep-2001 obituary
Bradley Jack Charles 2-Apr-1999   Granger City Cemetery 5-Apr-1999 death notice
Bragg Everett 6-Apr-2002   Cook-Walden Cemetery, Pflugerville 10-Apr-2002 death notice
Braker Edna Marie 23-Nov-2004 11-Oct-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Nov-2004 obituary
Braker Martha Frisch 28-Jul-1999     30-Jul-1999 death notice
Brandon Akil Malik Lenon 11-Jun-2005   Cook-Walden Capital Parks, Pflugerville 15-Jul-2005 death notice
Brandt Jason Thomas 21-Jul-2003 19-Jul-2003 Palm Valley Cemetery 23-Jul-2003 obituary
Brandyburg Wanda L. 18-May-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 22-May-2002 obituary
Brasfield E. Bernice 30-Aug-1998   Greenwood Cemetery in  Weatherford 1-Sep-1998 obituary
Braulick Dr. Roald Edward  9-Nov-1999 19-Oct-1921   11-Nov-1999 Obituary
Braun Bena 9-Sep-2000   Bartlett City Cemetery 11-Sep-2000 death notice
Braun Hedwig Streit 28-Mar-2003 8-Nov-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 31-Mar-2003 obituary
Braun  G. Ben 6-Apr-2001 1-Nov-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Apr-2001 obituary
Bray Roy Glenn 14-Jul-2003 8-Oct-1942 Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Elgin 17-Jul-2003 obituary
Brennan Debra Jean 22-Sep-2003 25-Nov-1953   24-Sep-2003 obituary
Brewer Joseph W. 1-Jan-2006 26-Feb-1920 Lawerence Chapel Cemetery 3-Jan-2006 obituary
Brewer Linda Marie 30-Aug-1997 15-Oct-1963 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Sep-1997 obituary
Brewer Pearl Virginia 25-May-2001 19-May-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 28-May-2001 obituary
Brian J.M. (Jay) 6-Oct-2001 2-Feb-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Oct-2001 obituary
Bribiesca Cyrilla Parra 6-Sep-2003   Valley View Cemetery in Garden City 11-Sep-2003 death notice
Bridgeman James 27-May-2006 10-Jul-1954   1-Jun-2006 obituary
Bridges Juanita C. 14-Feb-1999   Temple Garden of Memories Mausoleum 17-Feb-1999 death notice
Brieger Ethel 3-Jun-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 5-Jun-1997 obituary
Brieger Gwen Virginia 14-Jan-1914 8-Aug-1948 Dallas, Tx 27-Jan-1997 obituary
Briggs Dessie Fagg 17-Apr-1998   Lawhon Springs Cemetery 22-Apr-1998 obituary
Brigham Brandon Lee 17-Oct-2004     20-Oct-2004 death notice
Brinkmeyer Christine Laura 12-Jan-2000 7-Jan-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jan-2000 obituary
Brinkmeyer Cynthia 'Cindy' 7-Aug-2001 22-Oct-1950 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Aug-2001 obituary
Brinkmeyer Herbert, Sr.   11-Jan-2002 3-Jun-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jan-2002 obituary
Brinkmeyer Raymond 29-Dec-2004     30-Dec-2004 obituary
Brinkmeyer Theodore William 10-Mar-2005 23-Jun-1912 Taylor Memorial Cemetary 11-Mar-2005 obituary
Brinson Marilyn  Jones 13-Nov-2005   DFW National Cemetery in Dallas 17-Nov-2005 death notice
Briones Emily Elizabeth     Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 12-Dec-2001 death notice
Briones Felix J., Sr. 27-Jul-2004 21-Feb-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Jul-2004 obituary
Briones Louis 6-Apr-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Apr-2001 death notice
Brister Roy David 1-Jun-2001     1-Jun-2001 death notice
Britain  Melba Ruth 21-Apr-2001   Holland Cemetery 27-Apr-2001 death notice
Britton Lawrence M., Sr. 6-May-2002   Cook-Walden Memorial Hill Cemetery, Pflugerville 9-May-2002 death notice
Broadnax Shelley 18-Oct-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Oct-1998 death notice
Brock John Gordon 17-Jan-2005 25-Jul-1921 Bartlett City Cemetery 18-Jan-2005 obituary
Brock Lynn 27-Apr-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 28-Apr-1999 death notice
Brockington Jim 21-Jul-1999     22-Jul-1999 death notice
Brockington Kevin 1-Aug-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Aug-2001 death notice
Brooks Howard L. 27-Jul-2004     28-Jul-2004 death notice
Brookshire Gladys  29-Apr-2002   Granger City Cemetery 1-May-2002 death notice
Brosch Josephine Adamek 5-Sep-1998 7-Apr-1930 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 8-Sep-1998 obituary
Brosch Vladimer (Lad) Louis 18-Apr-2001 18-Aug-1922 Holy Cross Cemetery 20-Apr-2001 obituary
Broussard Cheryl Anne 15-Dec-2003 22-Aug-1948   17-Dec-2003 obituary
Brown Alvin Elkin 29-Apr-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 6-May-2003 death notice
Brown Elmo 5-Apr-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Apr-2003 death notice
Brown Jeff 23-Sep-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Oct-2003 death notice
Brown Michael R. 2-Jun-2006   Cook-Walden Capital Parks in Pflugerville 5-Jun-2006 death notice
Brown  Clarence 6-Apr-2001   Bartlett City Cemetery 9-Apr-2001 death notice
Brown  Francis J. 8-Apr-2001     10-Apr-2001 death notice
Brown  Roger Hendrik 11-Jul-1999 30-Oct-1979 Capital Park Cemetery 13-Jul-1999 obituary
Browning Lois 1-Mar-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Mar-1998 death notice
Bruce Victor 14-Sep-1997 22-May-1898 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Sep-1997 obituary
Bruckner Dora Evelyn 6-Mar-2000 24-Mar-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Mar-2000 obituary
Brueckner Bessie 6-Jun-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Jun-1997 obituary
Brummett Coburn Vel 22-May-2004   Blackjack Cemetery, Huntsville 1-Jun-2004 death notice
Brunken Carolyn Joan 14-Feb-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Feb-2000 death notice
Brunken Emma Helen 1-Jan-2005 7-Dec-1923 Memory Lawn Memorial Park,Martindale 7-Jan-2005 obituary
Brunken Lorene Mary (Treude) 27-Dec-2003 8-Dec-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Dec-2003 obituary
Brunner Anastasia 9-Dec-2001 5-Jul-1919 Pleasant Retreat Cemetery 11-Dec-2001 obituary
Bryan Annie Esther 17-Mar-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Mar-1997 death notice
Bryan Ophie Green 22-Oct-2002 22-Jun-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Oct-2002 obituary
Bryant Alice Martin 7-Jan-1997 8-Dec-1901 Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 9-Jan-1997 obituary
Bucanek Mildred A. 19-Oct-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Oct-2002 death notice
Bucek Cynthia Ann Pachicano 17-Mar-2002 24-Aug-1964 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Mar-2002 obituary
Bucek Jimmy Frank 7-Jul-1999 3-Jan-1939 St.Marys Catholic Cemetery 9-Jul-1999 obituary
Buchanan Llelwyn Bird  16-Jun-2006 8-Sep-1921 Laurel Land Memorial Park  22-Jun-2006 death notice
Buchanan Mary Louise Stiles Stell 18-Feb-2001 23-Sep-1908 Thorndale Cemetery 21-Feb-2001 obituary
Buchhorn Alda 16-Dec-2001   Zion Cemetery 19-Dec-2001 death notice
Buchhorn Ernest "E.C." 4-Aug-2003 11-Jan-1907 Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Walburg 6-Aug-2003 obituary
Buchhorn Lorine J. (Mrs. Leroy H.) 1-Jan-1997   Zion Lutheran Cemetery 23-Jan-1997 death notice
Buckland Eugene C. 27-Feb-2006 16-May-1920 Holy Cross Cemetery 1-Mar-2006 obituary
Budnik Viola "Suzy" Alford 21-May-2001   Forest Park Weistheimer 24-May-2001 obituary
Bullion Thomas Monroe "Tom" 25-Sep-2005 11-May-1922 Rice Cemetery, Milano 26-Sep-2005 obituary
Bundage Da'Shawn Duane Jr. 17-Sep-2005     20-Sep-2005 death notice
Bunge Esther Rabbe 15-Jun-1999 30-Dec-1902 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery 18-Jun-1999 obituary
Bunge Lester E. 21-Jan-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 22-Jan-1999 obituary
Bunker R.E. 9-Jul-1997   Davilla Cemetery 10-Jul-1997 death notice
Bunkey  Glendia Mae 17-Jan-2003   Davilla Cemetery 21-Jan-2003 death notice
Burditt Cathryn Baldwin 13-Feb-2003 16-Sep-1930 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 17-Feb-2003 obituary
Burke Mary Theresa 25-Dec-1999 23-May-1918 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 28-Dec-1999 obituary
Burkett Loys Eldine 3-Aug-2004   Jayton Cemetery, Kent County 5-Aug-2004 death notice
Burkhart Claude A. 7-Nov-2004 8-Nov-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 10-Nov-2004 obituary
Burley Zane W. 25-May-1999   Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 28-May-1999 death notice
Burnett Ruth Elizabeth Fritz 15-Sep-1999 10-Jan-1909 Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 20-Sep-1999 obituary
Burney Mr. E.F. 17-Dec-1996   Black Jack Cemetery, Black Jack Community 19-Dec-1996 death notice
Burns James Wilson 2-Sep-1997   Davilla Cemetery 3-Sep-1997 death notice
Burns Timothy J. 12-Feb-1998 4-Mar-1942   16-Feb-1998 obituary
Bush Alma 29-Mar-2003 29-Jun-1905 Taylor City Cemetery 31-Mar-2003 obituary
Bustamante Louis Lee, Sr. 15-Jan-2006 25-Nov-1941 Santa Maria Cemetery,Hutto 17-Jan-2006 obituary
Butler Carl Wayne 31-Jan-2005   Holland Cemetery 2-Feb-2005 death notice
Butler Roy Lee "Bubba" 27-Feb-2004   Mt. Zion Cemetery, Utley 4-Mar-2004 death notice
Butts Cassidy Noel 9-Mar-2004 2-Dec-2003   12-Mar-2004 death notice
Buzan Shirley Gayle 16-Jul-1999     19-Jul-1999 obituary
Buzan Tony Jr. 28-Jul-1999 30-May-1928 St. Marys Catholic Cemetery 30-Jul-1999 obituary
Byrd Erma L. 19-Jul-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Jul-2002 death notice
Byrd Mrs. Willie "Mama" 7-Dec-1998     11-Dec-1998 death notice
Byrer Edna Earle 18-Feb-2002 29-Jan-1924 Locklin Cemetery 20-Feb-2002 obituary
Bytell  Gladys 15-Jul-2002   Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 16-Jul-2002 death notice
Cadan Anton Rudolph 25-Feb-2000 4-Nov-1913 Granger Brethren Cemetery  28-Feb-2000 obituary
Cadan Bertha Volek 23-Jun-2002   Granger Bethren Church Cemetery 25-Jun-2002 death notice
Caesar Harold   17-Dec-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Dec-2002 death notice
Caesar Ruth 12-Jun-1998 15-Aug-1909 IOOF Cemetery, Rockdale 12-Jun-1998 obituary
Caesar Thelma Annette Carlow 4-Jun-1998 23-Feb-1904   5-Jun-1998 obituary
Caffey Charles Cleo 14-Aug-2004   Salty Cemetery, Rockdale 16-Aug-2004 death notice
Caffey Dalton 27-Jan-1999   Salty Cemetery, Salty 29-Jan_1999 death notice
Caffey Hattie 26-Oct-1998   Salty Cemetery, Salty 26-Oct-1998 death notice
Caffey Norma Towery 5-Aug-1998 24-May-1909 Salty Cemetery, Salty 10-Aug-1998 obituary
Cage Jim Sr. 7-Feb-1997 28-Feb-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Feb-1997 obituary
Cain Frances Roberta 18-Dec-2000 25-Jul-1920 Hutto City Cemetery 20-Dec-2000 obituary
Cain Jimmie, Sr.  29-Jan-2002 20-Oct-1923 Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 31-Jan-2002 obituary
Cain John Thomas 18-Jul-2002   Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 22-Jul-2002 death notice
Cain Monica Nicole 2-Jun-1998 2-Jun-1998 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 5-Jun-1998 obituary
Cain Patrick Henry 1-May-2003   St.Mary's Cemetery 5-May-2003 death notice
Calder Annie 28-Oct-1999   Machu Cemetery, Granger 29-Oct-1999 death notice
Calder George Crawford 21-Apr-2003 30-Mar-1923 Machu Cemetery, Granger 23-Apr-2003 obituary
Caldwell Brian Tynon 2-Apr-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Apr-2004 death notice
Caldwell Rebecca Sue (Lindemann) 19-Aug-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 20-Aug-1999 death notice
Caldwell Violetta Eugene 22-Jun-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Jun-2006 obituary
Callaghan Eva 31-Mar-2003   Hutto City Cemetery 3-Apr-2003 death notice
Callaghan William Charles 26-Dec-2002   Hutto City Cemetery 30-Dec-2002 death notice
Callihan Ruby Follett 4-Feb-1999   Restwood Memorial Cemetery, Clute 5-Feb-1999 death notice
Callins Corene Allen 28-Oct-1999 13-Jun-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 1-Nov-1999 obituary
Camacha Luciano Jr. 27-Jul-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Jul-2004 death notice
Camacho Lorraine Castro         obituary
Camacho Manuel B. 27-Nov-2003     2-Dec-2003 death notice
Cameron Euey Henry 18-Jul-2002   Bartlett City Cemetery 22-Jul-2002 death notice
Cameron Fred George 19-Aug-1998 3-Jul-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Aug-1998 obituary
Campbell Ernest "Sonney" 12-Jan-2003 14-May-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Jan-2003 obituary
Campbell Herbert H. "Pete"   7-Sep-1924 Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, near Thorndale 12-Feb-1998 obituary
Campbell Killis, Jr. 16-Jul-2000 20-Aug-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Jul-2000 obituary
Campbell  Judy B. 18-Sep-2002   Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, near Thorndale 20-Sep-2002 death notice
Campbell  Lou Gene 5-Jun-2002   Cook-Walden Memorial Hills,Pflugerville 10-Jun-2002 death notice
Campos Isabel 28-Apr-2001   Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Cemetery,Taylor 30-Apr-2001 death notice
Campos Jesus 5-Oct-2001 15-Apr-1915 St.Mary's Cemetery,Hutto 8-Oct-2001 obituary
Campos Julio E. 22-Nov-2002 12-Apr-1930 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 25-Nov-2002 obituary
Campos Maria (Leonora) 21-Dec-2003   Bartlett City Cemetery 22-Dec-2003 death notice
Campos Mary Alice 28-Jun-2004 16-Mar-1956 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 30-Jun-2004 obituary
Campos Roberto 12-May-2003 22-Dec-1943 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 14-May-2003 obituary
Campos   David 4-Jan-2004   Bartlett City Cemetery 7-Jan-2004 death notice
Canava Romona Garza 26-Jul-1999 9-Mar-1931 Davilla Cemetery 28-Jul-1999 obituary
Candelario Leobardo 16-Sep-2001     20-Sep-2001 death notice
Canon Gerald Wayne 5-Jan-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Jan-2002 death notice
Cantrell-Middlebrook Debby Ann 31-Oct-2004 29-Apr-1959 Buck Cemetery, Liberty Hill 5-Nov-2004 obituary
Cantu  Mary Vega 11-Mar-2003 24-Mar-1917 Calvary Hill Cemetery 17-Mar-2003 obituary
Capetillo Margarito Villegos 3-Dec-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 6-Dec-1999 death notice
Carlisle Mike Andrew 24-Jul-1998   Holland City Cemetery 27-Jul-1998 death notice
Carlow Douglas Delano 30-Apr-2004 10-May-1938   3-May-2004 obituary
Carlson Albert E.  13-Sep-2004   Annetta Cemetery 14-Sep-2004 death notice
Carlson Blanche Linden 18-Jan-2003 18-Feb-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Jan-2003 obituary
Carlson Brennan 16-Apr-1999 13-Aug-1978 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Apr-1999 obituary
Carlson Edna Anna 24-Sep-2003 7-Nov-1914 St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Bartlett 26-Sep-2003 obituary
Carlson Timothy 18-Sep-2000   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Bartlett 19-Sep-2000 death notice
Carmona Esther Martinez 5-May-2003 2-Jan-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 6-May-2003 obituary
Carnes Louise Wright 28-May-2006 3-Apr-1923 Sacred Heart Cemetery, Floresville 30-May-2006 obituary
Carpenter Bernice E. 28-Feb-2002 26-Jan-1913 Capital Memorial Park Cemetery  1-Mar-2002 obituary
Carpenter Clifford   7-Jan-2004     9-Jan-2004 death notice
Carpenter Mary Louise 26-Apr-1998 8-Sep-1939   28-Apr-1998 obituary
Carpenter Ruby 24-Jul-1997   Capital Memorial Park in Austin 28-Jul-1997 death notice
Carranza Merced "El Chore Nava" 26-Feb-1997   Bartlett City Cemetery 28-Feb-1997 obituary
Carrizales Andrew A. 21-Sep-1998 4-Feb-1924 Oakwood Cemetery, Austin 23-Sep-1998 obituary
Carrizales Dorothy 4-Aug-1997   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 5-Aug-1997 death notice
Carrizales Mike R. 21-Jan-2000   Resthaven Memorial Park 24-Jan-2000 obituary
Carrizales Paul Aguilar 9-Apr-2004 28-Apr-1935 Oakwood Cemetery, Waco 3-May-2004 obituary
Carter Alma Adell 5-Jun-2001   Beaukiss Cemetery 7-Jun-2001 death notice
Carter Blanche Lucille Johnson 25-Jan-2003 22-Oct-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jan-2003 obituary
Carter Clara Faith 17-Aug-2003   Thompsonville Cemetery, Thompsonville 19-Aug-2003 death notice
Carter Dennis Lynn 26-Feb-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 27-Feb-2004 death notice
Carter Gilbert Lamar 1-Feb-2003   Val Verde Baptist Church Cemetery 3-Feb-2003 death notice
Carter Grarrvel 1-Jul-2000 25-Jun-1938 Lawhorn Springs Cemetery, Lee County 4-Jul-2000 obituary
Carter Hazel Deloris     Rose Hill Cemetary 10-Mar-2005 death notice
Carter Jeanette Alice Raesz 16-Sep-1940   Pleasant Grove Cemetery 28-May-2001 obituary
Carter Nellie Jean 16-Feb-1999   Hutto City Cemetery 19-Feb-1999 obituary
Carter Pauline Adams 14-Jul-2006 12-Feb-1918 McGregor Cemetery 18-Jul-2006 obituary
Carter Thelma Josephine 17-Feb-2005 5-Mar-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Feb-2005 obituary
Carter  Frank Kenneth    19-Jul-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Aug-2006 obituary
Carter  Jean Page 14-Jan-1997     16-Jan-1997 death notice
Cartwright Virginia Terry 18-May-1998 31-Mar-1925 Elgin City  Cemetery 19-May-1998 obituary
Cary Bonnie Jean Adams 9-Dec-1999   Salty Cemetery, Salty 13-Dec-1999 death notice
Case Annie 19-Jul-2000 9-Mar-1909 Captial Park Cemetey Pflugervill 31-Jul-2000 obituary
Casey Margie F. 22-May-1997     27-May-1997 death notice
Caskey Allie (Champlin) 29-Dec-1996   Florence City Cemetery 31-Dec-1996 death notice
Caskey Clytus 29-Dec-1996   Florence City Cemetery 31-Dec-1996 death notice
Cassin Thomas 11-Jan-2001     11-Jan-2001 death notice
Castellow Cayden Caleb 10-Mar-2006   Assumption Cemetery, Austin 13-Mar-2006 obituary
Caster Robert    23-Aug-2005 29-Aug-1937   30-Aug-2005 obituary
Castillo Alysia Rosalinda 14-Aug-2001   Bartlett City Cemetery 16-Aug-2001 death notice
Castillo Mary 12-Aug-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 15-Aug-2001 death notice
Castillo Mike   11-Dec-2000   Holy Cross Cemetery 15-Dec-2000 death notice
Castillo Rosalinda B. 16-Jul-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 19-Jul-18888 death notice
Castro Adam 17-Jun-1998 16-Mar-1964 Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 19-Jun-1998 obituary
Castro Juan R. 20-Apr-2002 22-Oct-1927 Holy Cross Cemetery 25-Apr-2002 obituary
Catchings Nora Hooper 17-May-1997 16-Nov-1904 Capital Memorial Hill, Austin 19-May-1997 obituary
Cave Norma N. 8-Mar-2004     11-Mar-2004 death notice
Cearley Daniel Ross 5-May-2000 27-Oct-1931 Cook-Walden Capital Memorial Park 8-May-2000 obituary
Cehand-Dunn-Robinson Janis 9-Feb-2004 6-Dec-1932 Holland City Cemetery 11-Feb-2004 obituary
Cepak Raymond A. 1-Sep-2002 22-May-1929 St.Mary's Cemetery,West 3-Sep-2002 obituary
Cepcar Lillie T. 24-Sep-2003   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 25-Sep-2003 death notice
Cernosek John J. 30-Mar-1998   St. Rose of Lima Cemetery,Schulenberg 8-Apr-1998 death notice
Cernosek Ron J. 23-Jun-2000 17-Sep-1942   23-Jun-2000 obituary
Cervantes Agapito "Pete", Sr. 15-Dec-2001   Plainview Memorial Park, Plainview, Texas 17-Dec-2001 death notice
Cervantez Jesus 17-Aug-1999   Houston National Cemetery 18-Aug-1999 Obituary
Cervantez Refugia S. 11-May-2006   West Park Cemetery, Hereford 15-May-2006 death notice
Cervenka Alfred J. 5-Apr-2004 11-Nov-1927 Calvary Cemetery, Granger 6-Apr-2004 obituary
Cervenka Daniel Gilbert 14-Mar-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Mar-2005 obituary
Cervenka Edith 27-Sep-1999 13-Jul-1907 Calvary Cemetery, Granger 29-Sep-1999 obituary
Cervenka Elizabeth Jurecka 17-Jul-2001 23-Oct-1902 Granger City Cemetery 18-Jul-2001 obituary
Cervenka Emil A. 20-Jun-2003 10-Apr-1923 Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 23-Jun-2003 obituary
Cervenka Joe A. 10-May-1998   Calvary Cemetery, Granger 12-May-1998 obituary
Cervenka Leda 23-Nov-2003 26-Jun-1909 Granger City Cemetery 24-Nov-2003 obituary
Cervenka Mildred J. 6-Jul-1997   St. mary's Catholic Cemetery 8-Jul-1997 obituary
Cervenka Vlasta 31-Aug-2001 1-Oct-1921 Holy Cross Mausoleum 4-Sep-2001 obituary
Chalupa Patricia Duffy Honeycutt 30-Dec-2001 17-Jul-1923 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 2-Jan-2002 obituary
Chalupa  Jerry, Jr. 11-Jun-2001   Gladewater Memorial Park Cemetery 18-Jun-2001 obituary
Chambers Kenneth James 18-Mar-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Mar-2005 death notice
Chambers Mrs. Adell 28-Apr-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 3-May-1999 death notice
Chambers Ruby Jacobson 29-Aug-2000 27-Jan-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Aug-2000 obituary
Chambers Willie Ray 14-Jul-2005   Granger City Cemetery 22-Jul-2005 obituary
Chambliss Glynda Kay 23-May-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 24-May-2002 death notice
Chapa Pete, Sr. 24-Oct-2002 13-May-1924 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 25-Oct-2002 obituary
Chasak Bobbie Neil 17-Mar-2003   Holland Cemetery 19-Mar-2003 death notice
Chasak Marie Kokes 20-Aug-1999 31-Dec-1908   23-Aug-1999 obituary
Chavana Erlinda (Linda) G. 26-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Feb-1997 obituary
Chavana Jesse, Jr. 9-Jun-1999 22-Jan-1939 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jun-1999 obituary
Chavana Raymond  Sr. 23-Feb-2004 31-Jan-1948 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 24-Feb-2004 obituary
Chenoweth David Allen 5-Jun-2001 11-Sep-1979 Hope Memorial Cemetery, Buckholts 7-Jun-2001 obituary
Chepanoski Jeanine 30-Nov-2005     2-Dec-2005 death notice
Cherry Adelle Matilda 13-Sep-2005 19-Jan-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Sep-2005 death notice
Chrisner Jesse B. 28-Jun-2004   Davilla City Cemetery 29-Jun-2004 death notice
Cisneros Fidencio 11-Jan-2005   Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church 11-Jan-2005 death notice
Clardy Woody D. 22-Mar-2001   Fairview Cemetery,Bastrop 23-Mar-2001 death notice
Clark Bess A.   29-Jun-2004 4-Apr-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jun-2004 obituary
Clark Donald F. 2-Mar-2002 2-Jan-1932 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Mar-2002 obituary
Clark Elo  12-Feb-2000 2-Jan-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Feb-2000 obituary
Clark Henry A. 11-Sep-2005   Cook-Walden Capital Parks, Pflugerville 15-Sep-2005 death notice
Clark Jonathan E.  III 14-Mar-2004 8-Nov-1945   16-Mar-2004 obituary
Clark Junie L. 25-Oct-2004     25-Oct-2004 death notice
Clark L.F. Jr. 28-Feb-1998   Adina Cemetery 2-Mar-1998 death notice
Clark Larry Nathan 15-Sep-1997 30-May-1927   17-Sep-1997 obituary
Clark Lillian Marie 7-Dec-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Dec-2004 obituary
Clark Mabel 21-Jul-2006 6-May-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Jul-2006 obituary
Clark Mabel Alice Mae 21-Jul-2006 6-May-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Jul-2006 obituary
Clark Myrtle Aileen 29-Mar-1997   Wakeeney City Cemetery, Wakeeney, Kansas 31-Mar-1997 death notice
Clark Nannie Doris 22-Jul-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jul-1999 death notice
Clark Ollie E. 7-Dec-1998     15-Dec-1998 obituary
Clark Ralphine 21-Nov-2000   Hope Well Cemetery in Round Rock 24-Nov-2000 death notice
Clayton Orlean 26-Jun-1998   Rocky Hollow Cemetery near Georgetown 29-Jun-1998 death notice
Clearman Maxine 11-Jun-1998   Bartlett City Cemetery 15-Jun-1998 death notice
Clegg Marvin 6-Jun-2000     9-Jun-2000 death notice
Clement  Nelson  6-Mar-2003   Thorndale City Cemetery 7-Mar-2003 obituary
Clemmer Elouise Dickinson 4-Mar-1997   Colesprings, Tx 5-Mar-1997 death notice
Clemons Mrs.Marian Fane Townsend 13-Mar-1998     17-Mar-1998 death notice
Click Margaret Louise 12-Feb-2004   Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 16-Feb-2004 obituary
Cline Helen A.   8-Jun-2004   Bartlett City Cemetery 9-Jun-2004 death notice
Cline Mattie 4-Dec-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Dec-1997 death notice
Cloud Lillian Linnea Pearson 12-Apr-2002 17-Feb-1915   15-Apr-2002 obituary
Cloud Ross 8-Sep-2004 8-Sep-1924   10-Sep-2004 obituary
Cmerek Adrian Allen 27-Dec-2004 12-Jun-1984 Calvary Cemetery 30-Dec-2004 obituary
Cmerek Christine 28-Dec-1996   Calvary Cemetery 30-Dec-1996 obituary
Cmerek Hattie 9-Dec-2004 23-Oct-1917 Calvary Cemetery 10-Dec-2004 obituary
Cockrill James "Bubba" 2-Jun-2001 14-Feb-1942 Memory Gardens Cemetery 5-Jun-2001 obituary
Coffel Agnes Fullerton 12-Feb-1999   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 15-Feb-1999 obituary
Coffin Cleo Brumbeloe Mills 28-Feb-2000 25-Nov-1919   1-Mar-2000 obituary
Cole Donald Newton 4-May-2006     12-May-2006 death notice
Cole  Ross R. 13-Sep-2002 5-Dec-1907 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 16-Sep-2002 obituary
Coleman Charles Wayne 3-Mar-2002     6-Mar-2002 death notice
Collier Willis Melvin "Red" Harrison Sr. 19-Aug-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Aug-1998 obituary
Collins Johnnie Mae     Taylor City Cemetery 8-Sep-1998 death notice
Collins Sonja 8-Apr-2001 4-Feb-1954 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Apr-2001 obituary
Colwell Alfred B. 5-Jan-1998 9-Nov-2915 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 7-Jan-1998 obituary
Concha Antonia 23-Mar-2002   Holy Cross Cemetery 25-Mar-2002 death notice
Condra Ray E. 10-May-2004 23-Dec-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 11-May-2004 obituary
Cone  George 22-Jul-2001     25-Jul-2001 death notice
Conlee Mary A. 22-Sep-1997   Corn Hill Cemetery 23-Sep-1997 death notice
Connally Susan A. 4-Oct-2004     7-Oct-2004 death notice
Conoley Graham, Gillis 20-Jul-2000 27-Feb-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Jul-2000 obituary
Conoley Roscoe Ronald 22-Nov-2004 17-Jan-1925   25-Nov-2004 obituary
Conoley Shirley Arledge 31-May-2000   Pleasant Retreat Cemetery 1-Jun-2000 obituary
Cook Angela 3-Apr-2002   Oak Lawn Cemetery, Rockdale 8-Apr-2002 death notice
Cook Gwen 17-Feb-2004 21-Aug-1925 Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 20-Feb-2004 obituary
Cook Lillian B.  1-Oct-2003 25-Jun-1916 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 3-Oct-2003 obituary
Cook Thomas "Tom" 3-Apr-2001   Val Verde Cemetery,Milam County 5-Apr-2001 death notice
Cook W. A.       18-Jan-2006 death notice
Cooper Joe, Rev. 25-Sep-1998   Holland Cemetery 28-Sep-1998 death notice
Cooper Randall 29-May-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Nov-1999 death notice
Cooper Randall E. "Ran" Jr. 29-May-1999   Cremated 9-Jun-1999 obituary
Cordell Marilyn Kay 15-Sep-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Sep-2005 death notice
Cortez Leonor 12-Jul-2006   Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 14-Jul-2006 death notice
Cortez Petra Gaytan 28-Feb-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 3-Mar-1997 death notice
Corum Gladys M.  21-Apr-2004 24-Jan-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Apr-2004 obituary
Costilla Julia Rodriguez 10-Jul-2001 28-Jan-1911 St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 12-Jul-2001 obituary
Cotner Roberta  27-May-2006 29-Sep-2007 Cape County Memorial Park 2-Jun-2006 obituary
Cotton Mrs.Oddis 17-Oct-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 22-Oct-1999 death notice
Coulter Randy Wayne 28-Nov-2003 30-Nov-1976 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Dec-2003 obituary
Coupland Jessie Stancel 6-Jul-1998 21-Dec-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Jul-1998 obituary
Cowan Joyce Ann 31-May-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Jun-1999 death notice
Cowan Leroy Dee 16-Jul-2005 24-Mar-1915 Kileen City Cemetery 18-Jul-2005 obituary
Cox Anita 26-Jun-2000     26-Jun-2000 death notice
Cox Bobby J. 12-Dec-1999 28-Jan-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Dec-1999 obituary
Cox Iris Sophie Randig 18-Jan-2002 7-Sep-1931 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Jan-2002 obituary
Cox Mary Hayden 7-May-2003     9-May-2003 death notice
Cox Nannie Lena Skinner 6-Apr-1997   Holland Cemetery 7-Apr-1997 death notice
Cox Ross 28-Oct-2001 25-Feb-1928 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Rockdale 29-Oct-2001 obituary
Crain Laurice Ray Sr. 26-Sep-2004   Tow City Cemetery 30-Sep-2004 death notice
Crane  Carey 5-Feb-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Feb-1999 obituary
Crathers Robert Ruben  Jr. 18-Mar-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Mar-2004 death notice
Crayton Horace 12-Dec-2000     15-Dec-2000 death notice
Crayton Maggie 23-Apr-2006     27-Apr-2006 death notice
Creek Dolores Dianne 18-Dec-2001 25-Apr-1956   19-Dec-2001 obituary
Crenshaw John O. 'Tiny' 27-Mar-2001 19-Jun-1933   29-Mar-2001 obituary
Crews Tina Jeanet White 26-Jan-2005     31-Jan-2005 death notice
Crippen Eva Shirleen 17-Aug-1997     20-Aug-1997 obituary
Cross-Green Peyton Elizabeth  23-Apr-2000 15-Jun-1965 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Apr-2000 obituary
Croughen Cassie, Wilson 16-Jan-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Jan-2006 obituary
Crow John H., Jr. 14-Dec-2000 6-Sep-1931 Travis Peak Cemetery near Lago Vista 15-Dec-2000 obituary
Crow Margorie L. 27-Oct-1997 30-Oct-1902 Oak Hill Cemetery, Cameron  28-Oct-1997 obituary
Crowell Gordon Lee Sr. 16-Jan-1999 28-Sep-1927   21-Jan-1999 obituary
Croyton Horace "Tommy" 12-Dec-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Dec-2000 death notice
Cryer Mary Leona     Bartlett City Cemetery 30-Dec-2002 death notice
Cuba Johnny 23-Oct-1999 3-May-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Oct-1999 obituary
Cuba Leonel F. 16-Apr-2001 25-May-1922 Memory Gardens Cemetery 17-Apr-2001 obituary
Cuba Lydia Svoboda 3-Jul-2006 23-Apr-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Jul-2006 obituary
Cuba Patricia M. 23-Jun-1997   Bellwood Memorial Park 25-Jun-1997 obituary
Cuba Pauline J. 1-Jun-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Jun-2004 death notice
Cuebas Santiago "Jimmy" 7-Feb-1998   St.Peter's Cemetery, Coupland 9-Feb-1998 obituary
Cuebas Virginia 17-Dec-2004 21-May-1932 St. Peters Church Cemetery, Coupland 20-Dec-2004 obituary
Culp Charlotte Smith 30-Oct-1999   Friendship Cemetery 1-Nov-1999 death notice
Culp Mildred E. 28-Sep-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Oct-1999 death notice
Culp Ned 14-Jun-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Jun-1998 death notice
Cummings Dorothy "Dottie" 7-Sep-1999 10-May-1935 St. Marys Cemetery 9-Sep-1999 obituary
Cummings Ifreda 3-Nov-2003 28-Aug-1932 Bethlehem A. M. E. Cemetery, LaGrange 7-Nov-2003 obituary
Cummings Lillie Rose 4-Oct-2000 9-Oct-1912 Davilla Cemetery 6-Oct-2000 obituary
Cupp Curtis 8-Apr-2000     10-Apr-2000 death notice
Curik Angie Waters 26-Jun-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Jun-1999 obituary
Curik Iris Cathryn 22-Dec-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Dec-1999 Death notice
Curik William "Bill"  14-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Feb-1997 obituary
Curry Gladys Hazel 14-Aug-1998   Locklin Cemetery, San Gabriel 18-Aug-1998 death notice
Curtis Damien 24-Mar-2004     30-Mar-2004 death notice
Cybert Warren 24-Jan-2000 20-Jul-1922   27-Jan-2000 Obituary
Czerkus Pastor Paul 22-Dec-1997   St. Matthew Lutheran Church Cemetery 24-Dec-1997 death notice
Czerkus  Lydia   28-Mar-2002   St.Matthew Lutheran Cemetery, Sand Hill, Texas 1-Apr-2002 obituary
Czimskey Emil Ernst 1-May-1999 16-Jun-1904 Memorial Hill Cemetery, Pflugerville 3-May-1999 obituary
Czimskey Laura 29-Jan-2004 7-Sep-1909 Cook-Walden/Memorial Hill Park 2-Feb-2004 obituary
Czimskey Linnie (Mrs. Theodore) 22-Apr-2000 27-Jan-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Apr-2000 obituary
Czimskey Mrs. Bertha 11-Sep-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Sep-1997 obituary