Taylor Daily Press Obituary Index
January 1997 to August 2006
Alphabetical by Last Name S-T
Last Name First Name & Middle Death Date Birth Date Buried Citation Notes
Saage Reno Cheston 28-Dec-1996   Bartlett City Cemetery 30-Dec-1996 death notice
Safarik Dorothy Valera 15-Aug-2001 3-Jan-1942 St.Mary's Cemetery 16-Aug-2001 obituary
Safarik Elsie  4-Nov-2003 16-Oct-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Nov-2003 obituary
Safarik Gertrude F. 13-May-1998   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 14-May-1998 obituary
Safarik Leroy James 22-Aug-2001 16-Oct-1936 St.Mary's Cemetery 24-Aug-2001 obituary
Safarik Zikmund "Zik" 14-Mar-1998 22-Jan-1915 Granger Brethren Cemetery  17-Mar-1998 obituary
Sager Marjorie Ruth 16-Jun-2004 15-Oct-1930 Mount Olivet Cemetery, Ft. Worth 21-Jun-2004 obituary
Sager Rev. F. T. 8-May-1998 1-Oct-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 11-May-1998 obituary
Sain Thelma B. 18-Jun-2002 10-Oct-1911 Hutto City Cemetery 20-Jun-2002 obituary
Sakewitz Bessie   10-Jan-2005 27-Mar-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Jan-2005 obituary
Sakewitz Harry 30-Oct-2005 3-Jan-1946 Coupland Cemetery 1-Nov-2005 obituary
Sakewitz Homer P. 8-Dec-1914 22-Aug-2002 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Aug-2002 obituary
Sakewitz Ima O'Dell 16-Mar-2000 31-Jul-1907 Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 20-Mar-2000 obituary
Sakewitz William Thomas 2-Sep-2005 31-Jul-1937 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Sep-2005 obituary
Sala Gloria Goodnight 18-Jun-2003   Holland Cemetery 19-Jun-2003 death notice
Salazar Antonio 6-Dec-1998   North Belton Cemetery 8-Dec-1998 obituary
Salazar Gilbardo 13-Jul-2003   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 14-Jul-2003 death notice
Salazar Janie 14-Jun-2001     14-Jun-2001 death notice
Salazar Juan 27-Jun-1998 24-Jun-1912 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 29-Jun-1998 obituary
Salazar Simona O. 3-Nov-1999 28-Oct-1919 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 5-Nov-1999 obituary
Sales Wesley 25-Jan-2000     27-Jan-2000 Death notice
Salyer John Odus 9-Dec-1999 11-Dec-1911 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 9-Dec-1999 obituary
Samuelson Hattie May 19-Oct-1997 22-Mar-1905 Elgin Memorial Cemetery 21-Oct-1997 obituary
Sanchez Catalina "Cat" 7-Oct-2004 22-Mar-1929 St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 8-Oct-2004 obituary
Sanchez David 18-Dec-2000 31-Aug-1960 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 20-Dec-2000 obituary
Sanchez David 18-Dec-2000     19-Dec-2000 death notice
Sanchez Mike 31-Jan-2000   St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 2-Feb-2000 obituary
Sanchez Mike, Jr. 24-Jul-2000 14-Jan-1941 St. Mary's Cemetery 26-Jul-2000 obituary
Sandel Eugenia 5-Jun-2001 12-Mar-1927 Hutto City Cemetery 7-Jun-2001 death notice
Sanders Bobby 16-Sep-1998 2-Nov-1936 Type Cemetery 18-Sep-1998 Obituary
Sanders Fred E. "Poppy"   10-Aug-1913 Adina Cemetery outside of Lexington 26-Dec-2000 obituary
Sanders Ida B. (Shipley) 1-Aug-2000   Ozark Memorial Cemetery, Joplin MS 3-Aug-2000 obituary
Sanders Thelma Wanda 10-Feb-1962 9-Mar-1904 Hutto Cemetery 12-Feb-1962 obituary
Sanderson  Oscar "Sandy", Jr. 27-Jul-2002   Locklin Cemetery 29-Jul-2002 death notice
Sandoval Simon 28-Nov-2001 1-Jun-1917 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 30-Nov-2001 obituary
Sanford  Irene Johnson  6-Jul-2006 10-Nov-1949   13-Jul-206 obituary
Santa Cruz Amalia Chris  17-Aug-2006     18-Aug-2006 death notice
Sarmiento Estela Hinoiosa 13-Jul-1998   St. Peter's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Coupland 15-Jul-1998 obituary
Satterfield Chester 22-Oct-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Oct-1999 death notice
Satterfield Elnora 5-Oct-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Oct-2005 death notice
Saul Tresban Russell 23-Jun-2004 25-Sep-1910 Hutto City Cemetery 25-Jun-2004 obituary
Sauls Quincy Edward, Sr. 22-Nov-2002   Evergreen Cemetery, Austin 2-Dec-2002 death notice
Savage Bertha 29-Oct-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Oct-1998 death notice
Saverson Freddie Leroy, Jr. 7-Feb-2001   McLeon Cemetery,near Rogers,Texas 8-Feb-2001 death notice
Sawhill Jimmye Rice 21-May-2002   Bartlett City Cemetery 22-May-2002 death notice
Scarbrough Donald Lee 8-Dec-2001 24-Sep-1913 I.O.O.F. Cemetery,Georgetown 13-Dec-2001 obituary
Schade Lillie Anne 5-Jul-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Jul-1997 obituary
Schaefer Eleanor P. 19-Mar-2003 19-Mar-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Mar-2003 obituary
Schaeffer Frances 27-Nov-2000 8-Mar-1900 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Nov-2000 obituary
Scharfe Helen 14-Dec-2002 25-Dec-1917 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 16-Dec-2002 obituary
Schautteet William "Bill" 19-Oct-2000 20-Aug-1944 Elgin Cemetery 1-Nov-2000 obituary
Schernik Lydia Alma 10-Dec-1999 17-Jun-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Dec-1999 obituary
Schier Arnold Otto "Pete" 26-Dec-2000 13-Jan-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Dec-2000 obituary
Schiller Adelle 11-May-2006   Cook-Walden Capital Memorial Park 12-May-2006 death notice
Schiller Bessie E. 7-Oct-2004 12-Dec-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Oct-2004 obituary
Schiller Lorena 23-Mar-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Mar-1999 death notice
Schiller Rosia Lee 16-Oct-2005 30-Apr-1935 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Oct-2005 obituary
Schindler Johnny 20-Jun-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jun-1997 obituary
Schindler Lois Elizabeth 29-May-2004 17-May-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Jun-2004 obituary
Schlapia Raymond 22-Apr-2002   Bartlett City Cemetery 24-Apr-2002 death notice
Schlapia Ronald Lee 3-Jan-2006        
Schlapia Shirley Lou 28-Mar-2005   Bartlett City Cemetery 30-Mar-2005 death notice
Schlecht Evelyn 14-Mar-2002 26-Apr-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-2002 obituary
Schlickeisen Menilla Mae 11-Nov-2004 21-Jul-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Nov-2004 obituary
Schlickeisen Willie F. 27-Aug-1999 31-Jan-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Aug-1999 death notice
Schliesser Rev. Raymond Samuel 7-Jun-1998 5-Sep-1911 Oak Knoll Cemetery, Bellville 11-Jun-1998 obituary
Schlinke Eldon Albert 26-Oct-2003 25-Sep-1918 Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas 29-Oct-2003 obituary
Schlitze Ernest A.  28-Dec-2000 20-Jan-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Dec-2000 obituary
Schlitze Helen L. 3-Nov-1998 1-Dec-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Nov-1998 obituary
Schmidt Jacqueline Foster 23-Oct-2001 9-May-1920 Edom Cemetery,near Canton 24-Oct-2001 obituary
Schmidt Lorine Manda Lydia 28-Oct-2004 31-Jan-1917   29-Oct-2004 obituary
Schmidt Ruby Mae 6-Apr-2003     7-Apr-2003 death notice
Schmidt Walter 15-Dec-1997   St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Coupland 17-Dec-1997 obituary
Schmidt  Walmar Heap 7-Jun-2006 18-May-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Jun-2006 obituary
Schneider Etta Anna  25-Feb-2003   St.Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery  28-Feb-2003 death notice
Schneider Howard R. 10-Aug-2002   St.Paul Lutheran Cemetery,Thorndale 9-Aug-2002 death notice
Schneider Lenard "Boobie" 1-Dec-2000 26-Dec-1934 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Dec-2000 obituary
Schneider Maggie Lucille 14-Dec-1996 5-Jul-1996 St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 16-Dec-1996 obituary
Schneider Martin Karl 22-Jan-2000 29-Jun-1919 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 24-Jan-2000 Obituary
Schneider Tennie A.  4-Sep-2006     5-Sep-2006 death notice
Schneider Tennie A.  09/004/06 4-Feb-1914 St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 6-Sep-2006 obituary
Schoen Harvey Harold Henry 11-Feb-2002 20-Feb-1924 Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 14-Feb-2002 obituary
Schoener Hattie Augusta 29-Jan-2004 5-Feb-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jan-2004 obituary
Schoener James Richard 12-Mar-2006 2-Sep-1934   21-Mar-2006 obituary
Schoener Richard A. "Sonny" 24-Jul-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jul-1998 obituary
Schoener Richard Robert 25-Aug-1998 1-Jun-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Aug-1998 obituary
Schoenrock Henry R. 29-May-1998 26-Jul-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 1-Jun-1998 obituary
Schoenrock Marie Ann 31-Jan-2006 6-May-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Feb-2006 obituary
Schonberg Henry John 13-Aug-2004   Kerrville 25-Aug-2004 death notice
Schrader Jesse Lee 11-Jan-2001 6-Feb-1907 St.Paul Lutheran Cemetery 12-Jan-2001 obituary
Schramm J.M  9-Feb-1962 15-Aug-1868 Granger City Cemetery 12-Feb-1962 obituary
Schramm Lena Wendland 1-Dec-2002 24-Oct-1909 St.Paul Lutheran Cemetery,Thorndale 3-Dec-2002 obituary
Schroeder Bessie Lee Adams 21-Sep-2003   Palm Valley Lutheran Church Cemetery, Round Rock 23-Sep-2003 obituary
Schroeder Esther Lamprecht 12-Feb-1997 11-Feb-1912 Westoff Cemetery 14-Feb-1997 obituary
Schroeder Ewald Walter 10-Oct-1998 24-Oct-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Oct-1998 obituary
Schroeder Irene Vorwerk 25-Aug-1999 24-Feb-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Aug-1999 obituary
Schroeder James Keith 28-Jjun-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jun-1997 obituary
Schroeder Lena 11-Dec-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Dec-1997 obituary
Schroeder Louise Brinkmeyer 19-Mar-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Mar-1997 obituary
Schroeder Martin Peter 15-Dec-2003 14-Dec-1916   16-Dec-2003 obituary
Schroeder Marvin Otto Sr. 18-Oct-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Oct-1998 death notice
Schroeder Mrs. Charles H. (Carrie) 29-Sep-1999 23-Apr-1903   30-Oct-1999 obituary
Schroeder Phyllis L. 13-Oct-2002     14-Oct-2002 death notice
Schroeder Raymond 1-Mar-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Mar-1999 obituary
Schroeder Roy  23-Aug-2006 26-Aug-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Aug-2006 obituary
Schroeder Velma O. 20-Mar-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 22-Mar-2005 death notice
Schulman Wanda Mae 23-Mar-2005 1-Feb-1924 Danville Cemetery, Kilgore 24-Mar-2005 obituary
Schultz Afer Schneider 21-Oct-2000 23-Nov-1914 St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 24-Oct-2000 obituary
Schultz Alex Johnny 18-Sep-2000 7-Jun-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Sep-2000 obituary
Schultz Allen Clement 23-Apr-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Apr-1998 obituary
Schultz Ethel 1-Jul-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Jul-1999 death notice
Schultz Hilda M. 4-Dec-1997   Holland Cemetery 5-Dec-1997 death notice
Schultz Jay G. 29-Nov-2001   Laurel Land Memorial Park,Fort Worth 4-Dec-2001 obituary
Schultz Wanda K. 25-Jul-2000 14-Apr-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jul-2000 obituary
Schulz Mrs."Afton" Sarah Upshaw 9-Jul-1999 17-Mar-1912   12-Jul-1999 death notice
Schunek Albert 12-May-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 14-May-1998 death notice
Schwab Nelda Irene 8-Dec-2004   St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 9-Dec-2004 death notice
Schwanke Edna 2-Aug-2002   St.Peter's Cemetery,Coupland 5-Aug-2002 death notice
Schwarz Erna Selma 2-May-1997 4-Oct-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 5-May-1997 obituary
Schwarz Louis 14-May-1998 23-Aug-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 15-May-1998 obituary
Schweng Donna Ruth 16-Feb-1997     20-Feb-1997 obituary
Schweng Helen 31-Jul-2001 26-Jul-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Aug-2001 death notice
Schwenke Elsa Dlouhy 4-Feb-2000 25-Sep-1910 Wesley Brethren Cemetery, Brenham 8-Feb-2000 obituary
Schwenke Frieda Marie 14-Aug-1999 26-Jan-1910 Coupland Cemetery 16-Aug-1999 Obituary
Schwenke Paul W. 12-Jun-1998   Wesley Brethren Cemetery, Brenham 16-Jun-1998 obituary
Schwenke Phillip John 3-Dec-2000 8-Sep-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Dec-2000 obituary
Schwenke William F.  "Bill" 1-Oct-2003 2-Feb-1913 St. Peter's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Coupland 3-Oct-2003 obituary
Schwenker Frances Marie 30-Mar-2003 27-Dec-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Apr-2003 obituary
Schwenker Stanley Roy 18-Nov-2002 4-Dec-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Nov-2002 obituary
Schwettmann Adolph Emil 15-Sep-2003 4-Apr-1923 Detmold Cemetery 17-Sep-2003 obituary
Schwettmann Henry C. 15-May-1998 6-Mar-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 18-May-1998 obituary
Schwettmann Walter Otto 1-Oct-2001   St.John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Detmold 2-Oct-2001 death notice
Schwitzer Phyllis Mae 23-Feb-2002   Tipton Masonic Cemetery,Tipton,Iowa 25-Feb-2002 death notice
Scott Clarence Terrell Jr. 17-Sep-2005   Evergreen Baby Cemetery, Austin 26-Sep-2005 death notice
Scott Gene Edward 4-Jul-2003   Eastland Cemetery, Eastland 7-Jul-2003 death notice
Scott Ina Fay Allen 12-Jul-1998 29-Jul-1906 Oak Hill Cemetery, 14-Jul-1998 obituary
Scott James 30-Apr-2002   Evergreen Cemetery, Austin 6-May-2002 obituary
Scott Lillian 20-Apr-2003 25-Dec-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Apr-2003 obituary
Scruggs Hollis Allen 7-Dec-2003 10-Jul-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Dec-2003 obituary
Scruggs Joyce Rayford 20-Jul-2000 11-Jul-1933 Laurence Chapel Cemetery 24-Jul-2000 obituary
Scruggs Wayne  6-Jun-1997   Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 9-Jun-1997 obituary
Seale Doris   13-Jan-2005 31-Mar-1933 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jan-2005 obituary
Seaward  Doris Ann 18-May-2003 29-Aug-1954 Taylor City Cemetery 20-May-2003 obituary
Secrest Lee C. "Lightning" 14-Jul-2004   Oak Lawn Cemetery, Rockdale 16-Jul-2004 death notice
Secrest Rossie Williams 5-Jul-1999 16-Oct-1900 Capital Park Cemetery 7-Jul-1999 obituary
Sefcak Ben 21-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Feb-1997 death notice
Sefcak Florence Edna 17-Jun-2002   Gladewater Memorial Park 19-Jun-2002 death notice
Sefcak Lee 10-Oct-2003 25-Feb-1910 Gladewater Memorial Park 13-Oct-2003 death notice
Sefcak Roland Hugo 30-Aug-1999 16-Jul-1914 St. Marys Cemetery 31-Aug-1999 obituary
Sefcik Allen T. 25-Feb-2006 21-Dec-1940 Taylor City Cemetery 1-Mar-2006 obituary
Sefcik Frank Thomas Jr. 14-Sep-1999 7-May-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Sep-1999 death notice
Sefcik Jason Clay, M.D. 5-Feb-1999 9-May-1963 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Feb-1999 obituary
Sefcik Kenneth Doyle 22-Jan-2001 2-Dec-1935 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Jan-2001 obituary
Seggern Brock Adam 29-Feb-2004 16-Feb-2004 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Mar-2004 obituary
Seggern Calvin 3-Mar-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Mar-1998 obituary
Seggern Henry Julius 26-Jan-2001 15-Mar-1928 St.Peter's Church Cemetery,Coupland 31-Jan-2001 obituary
Seggern Oscar Walter 18-Jul-1999 5-Nov-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Jul-19999 obituary
Seggern Roy Edward 30-Jan-2000 17-Mar-1939 Taylor City Cemetery 31-Jan-2000 obituary
Seidel Sherwood (Junior) 27-Jan-2001   St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 29-Jan-2001 death notice
Seigmund Annie Louise 5-Jul-2002 18-Mar-1925 Beaukiss Cemetery 8-Jul-2002 obituary
Seigmund Darrell 8-Dec-1996 21yrs. Old Beaukiss Cemetery 11-Dec-1996 death notice
Selby Matthew Ray 6-Apr-2006 7-Nov-1989 Val Verde Cemetery, Holland ,TX 10-Apr-2006 obituary
Selby Rita Carol 6-Apr-2006 16-Dec-1958 Val Verde Cemetery, Holland ,TX 10-Apr-2006 obituary
Sellers Emelia Augusta Marquis 31-Jan-2001 4-Jul-1903 Austin Memorial Park 1-Feb-2001 obituary
Sellstrom Marie Edith Groba 24-Jan-1997 24-Apr-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jan-1997 obituary
Senkel Ellen Ingeborg Rydell 4-May-2001 14-Apr-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 7-May-2001 obituary
Sepulveda Anita 30-Oct-1997   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 5-Nov-1997 death notice
Serggern Irene Jane 4-Sep-2005 29-Jul-1965 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Sep-2005 obituary
Sevcik Joe Alphonse 11-May-1999 1-Jan-1922 Old Marak Catholic Cemetery 12-May-1999 obituary
Severin Ida 8-Mar-2004 20-Nov-1919   11-Mar-2004 obituary
Shaffer Oletha 14-Aug-2006   Evergreen Cemetery in Crosby 18-Aug-2006 death notice
Shamard Robert J. 5-Mar-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Mar-2002 death notice
Shamard Vicki Kaiser 24-Apr-2003 29-Dec-1953 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Apr-2003 obituary
Shannon Donald Lee 2-Dec-2005   Bartlett City Cemetery 5-Dec-2005 death notice
Shavers Bert Eugene 9-Mar-1998 20-Jan-1931 Locklin Cemetery,near Thorndale 11-Mar-1998 obituary
Shaw George M.(Mike) 23-Sep-1997   Horton, Ks. 26-Sep-1997 death notice
Shaw Jesse Dow 6-Aug-2000 30-Jun-1933 Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas 7-Aug-2000 obituary
Shaw LaVinia Babbette 17-Apr-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Apr-1998 death notice
Shaw Prince Ella 20-Jul-2005 13-Apr-1935 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Jul-2005 obituary
Shellenberger Norma L. 14-Mar-2006     16-Mar-2006 death notice
Sheppard Kenneth William 19-Nov-2001     20-Nov-2001 death notice
Sherek Emil R. 10-Apr-1997 21-Mar-1924 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 14-Apr-1997 obituary
Sherrill Donna Williams 12-May-1998   Granger City Cemetery 15-May-1998 obituary
Sherrill Fred M. 2-Mar-2002     7-Mar-2002 obituary
Shields James F. (Jim) 22-Sep-1998 25-Sep-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Sep-1998 obituary
Shiller Edith   31-Jul-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Aug-2004 death notice
Shiller Lillian Edith Teichelman 31-Jul-2004 19-Jan-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Aug-2004 obituary
Shiller Mary Mildred 5-Nov-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Nov-2005 death notice
Shiller Olga 30-Aug-1999   Taylor City  Cemetery 31-Aug-1999 death notice
Shinn Martha Wunneburger 14-Jan-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Jan-2006 death notice
Shrhak Jerry Sr, 22-Jul-1999   Oak Hill Cemetery  27-Jul-1999 obituary
Sides Bobbye Nell (Baker) 13-May-1999     17-May-1999 death notice
Sides Charies Wayne "Buck" 6-Jul-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jul-2000 obituary
Sides Johnnie Lee "Blackie" 6-Mar-1998   Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, near Thorndale 9-Mar-1998 obituary
Sielaff Emma Ann 26-Jan-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jan-1997 obituary
Sielaff Henry P. 14-Apr-1998   St. John Lutheran Cemetary, Thorndale 15-Apr-1998 obituary
Sielaff Julius J. 5-Jan-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Jan-1999 death notice
Sievers Noble Franklin 29-Jan-2004 9-Jan-1925 Waco Memorial Park Cemetery 3-Feb-2004 obituary
Sikes Leroy 20-Jun-2000   White Cemetery, Highlands,Tx 22-Jun-2000 death notice
Simank Charles F. 22-Sep-1998 22-May-1937 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 23-Sep-1998 obituary
Simank John Benard, Jr. 6-Jul-2002 2-Jan-1932 Woodlawn Cemetery 9-Jul-2002 obituary
Simcik Jerry V. 24-Aug-1998 24-Nov-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Aug-1998 obituary
Simcik Lottie O. 15-Jun-1997   Brethren Cemetery in Granger 16-Jun-1997 obituary
Simcik Marie Terese 18-Mar-1999 22-Sep-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Mar-1999 obituary
Simcik Wilford Joseph 13-Mar-2005 30-Oct-1923 Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens 15-Mar-2005 obituary
Simek Edward Elliot 5-Jun-2002     7-Jun-2002 death notice
Simek Frances 10-Dec-1999   Seaton Cemetery 13-Dec-1999 obituary
Simek Mary 4-Mar-1999   Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Corn Hill 8-Mar-1999 death notice
Simien Freda Mae 24-Apr-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 25-Apr-2003 death notice
Simmons Jessie L. "Jean" 14-Jul-2001 21-Aug-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Jul-2001 obituary
Simmons Ollie D. 27-Jan-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Jan-1997 obituary
Simmons T. A., Jr. 29-Oct-2000 10-Feb-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Oct-2000 obituary
Simmons  Evelyn    11-Feb-2003 24-Sep-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Feb-2003 obituary
Simmons  Inez 26-Feb-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Mar-2001 death notice
Simms Dorothy Sue Mitchell Gipson 13-Oct-1997 23-Jul-1932 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Oct-1997 obituary
Simms Jessie B.  5-Oct-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Oct-2005 death notice
Simms Richard  21-Mar-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Mar-2004 death notice
Simpson Freddie Lee 19-Jan-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 25-Jan-2001 death notice
Sims Billy Claude 23-Sep-1999     27-Sep-1999 death notice
Sims Edward Earnest Jr. 27-Jun-1998 25-Mar-1936 St. Peter's Cemetery, Coupland 29-Jun-1998 obituary
Sims Shirley   11-Feb-2004 31-Aug-1934 Sims Family Cemetery, Bartlett 13-Feb-2004 obituary
Sitman Ruby Darleen 2-Jul-1999     5-Jul-1999 death notice
Skopek Velma T. 5-Sep-2002 1-Jan-1915 Caldwell Masonic Cemetery,Caldwell 9-Sep-2002 obituary
Skrhak Daniel J. "Uncle Dan" 25-Nov-2002 12-May-1934 Holy Cross Cemetery 27-Nov-2002 obituary
Skrhak Edwin Victor 23-Aug-2004 28-Jun-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Aug-2004 obituary
Skrhak Emil J. 18-May-2002 29-May-1922 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 21-May-2002 obituary
Skrhak-Jessen Martha 23-Sep-2005   I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 5-Oct-2005 obituary
Sladecek Edward J. 21-May-2002 10-Apr-1920 Holy Cross Cemetery 23-May-2002 obituary
Sladecek Joseph R. 14-Aug-2005 3-Apr-1923 Holy Trinity Cemetery, Cornhill 16-Aug-2005 obituary
Sladek Daniel Dominy 24-Apr-2001 27-Nov-1926 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 26-Apr-2001 obituary
Sladek Mary S. 12-Jun-2000 2-Jun-1909 St.Mary's Cemetery,Taylor,Tx 15-Jun-2000 obituary
Sladek Obie Cox 17-Mar-1999   Roselawn Park, Palestine 18-Mar-1999 death notice
Sladek  Bertha Johanna  21-Jan-2003 22-Jun-1911 Cook-Walden/Capital Memorial Park, Pflugerville 23-Jan-2003 obituary
Sladek  Eugen Albert 17-Oct-2005 1-Jan-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Oct-2005 obituary
Slagle Violette L. 2-Feb-2002 26-Sep-1924   6-Feb-2002 obituary
Slauson Sybil 4-Sep-2004 2-Oct-1924 Temple Garden of Memories  6-Sep-2004 obituary
Slovacek Albert 22-Jan-2001 30-Jan-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Jan-2001 obituary
Slovacek Lena Marie Kramer 1-Mar-2000 21-Feb-1927 Forest Oaks Memorial Park 3-Mar-2000 obituary
Slovacek Rose Lee 23-Oct-2003 19-May-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Oct-2003 obituary
Small Rowena 6-May-2003   Alice City Cemetery,Alice,TX 8-May-2003 death notice
Smith Doris Franzen 21-Nov-2000 17-Jun-1923 Hutto City Cemetery 23-Nov-2000 obituary
Smith Edith Marie 18-Jul-2004 21-Dec-1925 Rome Cemetery, Henderson County 20-Jul-2004 obituary
Smith Eleanor F. 3-Jun-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Jul-2003 death notice
Smith Geneva 16-Dec-2001   Hugh Wilson Cemetery at Tanglewood, Lee County 18-Dec-2001 death notice
Smith James Benjamin 17-Sep-2001 4-Dec-1916 Waxahachie City Cemetery 19-Sep-2001 obituary
Smith Louise 9-Aug-2000 13-Mar-1937 Ridgeview Memorial Park, McKinney 11-Aug-2000 obituary
Smith Mae  14-Nov-2002 8-May-1908   15-Nov-2002 obituary
Smith Marjorie Lax 25-Nov-2001 24-May-1911 Georgetown Evangelical Free Church Cemetery 28-Nov-2001 obituary
Smith Mark J. 12-Nov-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Nov-2004 death notice
Smith Mrs. J. Frank (Maurine) 31-Feb-1997 25-Oct-1904 Taylor City Cemetery 31-Jan-1997 obituary
Smith Robbie Mae 6-Dec-1996     9-Dec-1996 obituary
Smith Robert 22-Aug-2003     26-Aug-2003 death notice
Smith Robert L. "Bob" 22-Jul-2004 8-Nov-1919   23-Jul-2004 obituary
Smith Rosa Lee 26-Jun-2006     26-Jun-2006 death notice
Smith Theo Howard 14-Jun-2001   Elgin Cemetery 15-Jun-2001 death notice
Smith Vernon 23-Feb-2004 14-Jul-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Feb-2004 obituary
S'mmons Annie 31-Dec-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Jan-2000 death notice
Snell Edgar Hollis 28-Oct-1997     29-Oct-1997 death notice
Snider Wallace Willard 19-Nov-1998   Oakwood Cemetery, Austin 23-Nov-1998 obituary
Snow Janice Renee Peace Seffel 20-Apr-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Apr-2006 obituary
Snowden Gladys Lynn Titsworth 4-Oct-2001 23-Jan-1921 Elgin Cemetery 8-Oct-2001 obituary
Snyder Alberta 30-Dec-1999   Bremen City Cemetery 7-Jan-2000 obituary
Snyder Mary 7-Dec-1998     9-Dec-1998 death notice
Snyder Tracy 7-Dec-1998     9-Dec-1998 death notice
Soderberg Selma Mary Amelia Krueger 24-Aug-2000 15-Mar-1911 Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 25-Aug-2000 obituary
Sommerfeld Eldo 30-Aug-2001 5-Sep-1917 St.John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Detmold 31-Aug-2001 obituary
Sommerfeld Julia 2-Oct-2003 12-Apr-1919 St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Detmold 3-Oct-2003 obituary
Sorenson Andrew C. 2-Jun-2000 15-Feb-1914 Hutto City Cemetery 6-Jun-2000 obituary
Sorenson Daniel L. 26-May-2002 27-Aug-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 28-May-2002 obituary
Sorenson Ella K. 30-May-2003 15-Apr-1920 St.Mary's Cemetery 3-Jun-2003 obituary
Sorenson Harvis Reed 14-Dec-1998 5-Apr-1915 Mesquite Cemetery,near Lexington 15-Dec-1998 obituary
Sorenson James Bertil 29-Jan-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jan-1998 obituary
Sorenson Johnny N. 20-Jan-2001 13-Jun-1922   22-Jan-2001 death notice
Sorenson Lorene T. 30-Aug-2002 16-Aug-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Sep-2002 death notice
Sorenson Minnie 22-Feb-1999 18-Feb-1918 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 25-Feb-1999 obituary
Sorenson  Ophia 1-Jun-2006   Mesquite Cemetery 2-Jun-2006 obituary
Sorrells Willie 29-Dec-2005     30-Dec-2005 death notice
Sowers Michelle 20-Dec-1997   Holland Cemetery 23-Dec-1997 death notice
Spacek Louise Agnes 19-Jul-2003 10-Aug-1908 Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum, Granger 21-Jul-2003 obituary
Spangler George Luther 8-Apr-2000   Dreisbach Cemetery, Lewisburg, PA 11-Apr-2000 obituary
Speckels E.J.(Pete) 3-Mar-2000 2-Aug-1907 St. Peter's Cemetery in Coupland 6-Mar-2000 obituary
Speegle Oliver H. 16-Jun-2003     19-Jun-2003 obituary
Spencer Cheryl Kenzie 17-Dec-2004   Evergreen Cemetery, Austin 21-Dec-2004 death notice
Spencer Elmo 19-Nov-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Nov-1998 death notice
Spencer Frances Sefcik 24-Jan-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 26-Jan-2005 obituary
Spiegelhauer Olga 24-Jan-2000 13-Aug-1910 St.Peter's Church Cemetery, Coupland 25-Jan-2000 obituary
Spiller Ivy Lou  6-Jan-2002   Fairview Cemetery 8-Jan-2002 death notice
Spinn Angeline M. 13-Jan-1999 12-Nov-1917 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 14-Jan-1999 obituary
Spires Wheeler Pettus 7-Oct-2001 21-Apr-1957   17-Oct-2001 obituary
Spreen Martin 30-May-2004     1-Jun-2004 obituary
Spreen Nora Alma Alvina Schroeder 14-Aug-2004 8-Dec-1918 Houston 16-Aug-2004 obituary
Springate Estelle Evelyn 22-Jan-1997 26-Apr-1920 Cook/Walden Capital Parks 24-Jan-1997 obituary
Springer Walter R.  16-Aug-2004 25-Apr-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Aug-2004 obituary
Srba Annie 20-Jul-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 21-Jul-1998 obituary
Srnensky Adolph Joe Jr. 9-May-1998   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 11-May-1998 obituary
Srnensky Mildred 26-Oct-2004 5-Jan-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Oct-2004 obituary
Stabeno Logan 22-Jan-2002 29-May-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jan-2002 obituary
Stabeno Rosemary Ethyl Carr 6-Aug-2000 29-Apr-1944 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Aug-2000 obituary
Stabeno Walter Frank 10-May-2003   St.John's Lutheran Church Cemetary,Thrall 13-May-2003 death notice
Stafford Craig Lang 6-Mar-1997 30-Mar-1957 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Mar-1997 obituary
Stancel Reed Lewis 13-Aug-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 15-Aug-2006 death notice
Stanfield Gertrude Inez 5-Sep-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Sep-1999 death notice
Stanley Hilton Thomas (Pete) 23-May-2003 16-Oct-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 27-May-2003 obituary
Starnes Homer "H.L." 22-May-2002 19-Feb-1915 Laurel Land Memorial Park 24-May-2002 obituary
Starnes Mrs. Tommy E. (Nell) 9-Apr-2002 22-Dec-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Apr-2002 obituary
Starnes Olga Bredthauer 7-Apr-1997 7-May-1906 Jonah City Cemetery 9-Apr-1997 obituary
Starnes Rebecca E. 28-Jan-1999 10-Mar-1919 Laurel Land Memorial Park, Ft. Worth 1-Feb-1999 obituary
Stasny Rose Pietzsch 24-Jan-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 27-Jan-1997 obituary
Staufer Lena Marie 17-Aug-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Aug-2000 obituary
Stauffer Alberta Marie 28-Apr-1999 29-Dec-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Apr-1999 obituary
Stauffer Artie Mae 27-Dec-2003 22-Oct-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Dec-2003 obituary
Stauffer Elfrieda A. 16-Apr-2001 14-Apr-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Apr-2001 death notice
Stauffer Michael Raymond 9-Sep-1998 4-Jun-1955 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 11-Sep-1998 obituary
Stauffer Mrs. Clarence (Vivian) 11-Oct-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 13-Oct-1998 obituary
Stauffer Ora Nell 17-Nov-2005 6-Apr-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Nov-2005 obituary
Stauffer Reuben Henry 22-Nov-2003 11-Dec-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Nov-2003 obituary
Stauffer Roy Oscar 20-Nov-2004 6-Feb-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Nov-2004 obituary
Stauffer Russell R. 2-May-2003 20-Jun-1930 College Station Cemetery 6-May-2003 obituary
Stautz George John 3-Jul-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Jul-2003 death notice
Stearns Mary Gertrude 10-May-2001     14-May-2001 obituary
Stefek Emil 24-Dec-1999 11-Sep-1928 Memorial Gardens Cemetery 28-Dec-1999 obituary
Stefek Joe E. 1-Feb-2001 9-Feb-1924 Calvary Cemetery,Granger 5-Feb-2001 obituary
Stefek Victor 23-Sep-1997 26-Oct-1933 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 24-Sep-1997 obituary
Steffek Edward John 7-Feb-2004   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 9-Feb-2004 death notice
Steffek Lucy 3-Nov-2004 14-May-1912 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 5-Nov-2004 obituary
Steger Betty Jo Loftis 16-Dec-2002   St.John Cemetery 19-Dec-2002 death notice
Steglich Bernhard H. 19-Sep-2004   St. John Church Cemetery, Bartlett 20-Sep-2004 death notice
Steglich Edna Ruth 15-Jul-2003   St. John Church Cemetery, Bartlett 17-Jul-2005 death notice
Steglich Etoile 29-Apr-2003     30-Apr-2003 death notice
Steglich Patricia June Vose 9-Jun-1997 1-Jun-1928 St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery 10-Jun-1997 obituary
Steinke Edna Lena 11-Jul-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jul-1997 obituary
Stenholm Kenneth Andrew 1-Jun-2006 5-Mar-1951 cremated 5-Jun-2006 obituary
Stevenson Dorothy Lorene 18-Jan-1998   Bartlett City Cemetery 20-Jan-1998 death notice
Stewart Ruth Christine Graham 12-Sep-2001   Davilla Cemetery 14-Sep-2001 death notice
Stiba Ernest 5-May-2006 21-Aug-1925   8-May-2006 obituary
Stiba John E. 16-Oct-2005   Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio 18-Oct-2005 obituary
Stiba  David Samuel 25-Mar-2003 11-Sep-1956 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Mar-2003 obituary
Stiba  Randall "Randy" 27-Feb-2003 8-Oct-1953 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Mar-2003 obituary
Stickle Gerald Roger 17-Jul-2006     18-Jul-2006 death notice
Stifflemire Derrick O. 24-Nov-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Nov-1999 death notice
Stifflemire Johnny Earl 24-Nov-1999 20-May-1947 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Nov-1999 obituary
Stifflemire Velma   2-Dec-2004   Burns Cemetery, Blue 6-Dec-2004 death notice
Stigall Joseph "Buddy" 10-Jun-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Jun-2001 death notice
Stigall William H.  1-Dec-1999   Locklin  Cemetery,San Gabriel 6-Dec-1999 death notice
Stiles Evelyn Frances Kurecka 18-May-2004 21-Feb-1925 Stiles Family Cemetery, South of Thrall 20-May-2004 obituary
Stiles Gayla Lynn 24-Aug-2002 23-Nov-1962   29-Aug-2002 obituary
Stiles Jewell Marquis 16-Jan-2001 17-Nov-1898 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Jan-2001 obituary
Stiles Virginia Bernice 19-Feb-2005   Pleasant Retreat Cemetary, Milam County 22-Feb-2005 death notice
Stiles  Mary Alyce 24-Nov-2002 1-Jul-1922   26-Nov-2002 obituary
Still Emma A. 3-Aug-2003 8-14-1899 St. Mary's Cemetery 4-Aug-2003 obituary
Stinson Thomas C.     Taylor City Cemetery 2-Feb-1998 death notice
Stivers Nathaniel Aaron 13-Feb-1998 2-Dec-1979   16-Feb-1998 obituary
Stockton Mildred Melvina 14-Dec-1999   Cook-walden Memorial Hill Park Cemetery 16-Dec-1999 death notice
Stoglin Judge 5-May-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 9-May-1997 death notice
Stoglin Lorene 28-Nov-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Dec-1999 death notice
Stoglin Patricia 21-Feb-2004 14-Jan-1951 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Feb-2004 obituary
Stoglin Pearl Lee 14-Oct-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Oct-2005 death notice
Stoglin Sylvester, Sr. 19-Feb-2001 30-Nov-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Feb-2001 obituary
Stojanik Alfonse 24-May-2004 2-Feb-1915 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 27-May-2004 obituary
Stojanik Mary L. 30-Apr-1997   Holy Trinity Cemetery 2-May-1997 death notice
Stojanik Sybilla Albina 17-Dec-1998   Calvary Cemetery, Granger 21-Dec-1998 death notice
Stojanik Theodore 'Ted' Alfonse 10-May-2002 30-May-1936 Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 13-May-2002 obituary
Stokes Harl N. 23-Sep-2004     1-Oct-2004 death notice
Stokes W.L. (Bud) 1-Aug-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 2-Aug-1999 death notice
Stoll A.J. Jr. 17-Aug-1997   St. John Lutheran Cemetery 20-Aug-1997 obituary
Stoll Eunice   20-Feb-2002 22-Apr-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Feb-2002 obituary
Stoll Herbert J. 5-Jan-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Jan-1997 obituary
Stoll Sarah Sirece 21-Aug-2002 22-Jul-1958 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Aug-2002 obituary
Stolle Roy Wallace 14-Jan-2001 3-Dec-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Jan-2001 obituary
Stolte Melissa Elizabeth 30-Jul-2003 28-Jul-1954 Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, near Thorndale 1-Aug-2003 obituary
Stolte Preston 15-Feb-1998 9-Nov-1929 Bushdale Cemetery near Rockdale 16-Feb-1998 obituary
Stone James Robert 10-Mar-1997   Crisswell Cemetery near Marlin 12-Mar-1997 obituary
Stone Lois L. 31-May-2001 18-Oct-1941 Criswell Cemetery,Mart 4-Jun-2001 obituary
Stone Mary Ann Brooner 5-Aug-2000   Brooner Family plot, Dale, IN 7-Aug-2000 obituary
Stone Mary Nell 18-Jun-1999 30-Oct-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Jun-1999 obituary
Stone Rodney 3-Mar-2005 7-Aug-1942   4-Mar-2005 obituary
Stone  Jack L.  9-May-2003 12-Jul-1941 Mount Olivet Cemetery, Golden,Colo. 28-May-2003 obituary
Stone   Harvey G.   11-Jan-2004 12-Oct-1947 Oakhill Cemetery, Cameron 13-Jan-2004 obituary
Story Gladys B. 22-Sep-1999   Lexington Cemetery 24-Sep-1999 death notice
Straka Agnes Marie (Vrabel) 31-Mar-2001   Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery  2-Apr-2001 death notice
Straka Joe Steve 19-Jul-2006   Holy Trinity Cemetery 21-Jul-2006 obituary
Straka Louis Joseph, Sr. 27-Dec-2000   Holy Trinity Catholic Church Cemetery   29-Dec-2000 death notice
Strambler Veola Mae 6-Mar-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 13-Mar-2001 death notice
Strarup Ella  16-Jul-2001 14-Aug-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Jul-2001 obituary
Strauss Harry Herman 27-Sep-2005   Port Arthur 29-Sep-2005 death notice
Street Ida Belle 20-Apr-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 21-Apr-1999 death notice
Streid Walter Roland 3-Jun-1998   Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 4-Jun-1998 death notice
Stringer Hollis Edward II 28-Jan-1999 15-Jul-1961 Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery 1-Feb-1999 obituary
Strmiska Albert James 4-Jul-1999 9-Apr-1915 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 6-Jul-1999 obituary
Strmiska Edna M. 20-Sep-2005 25-Dec-1916 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 22-Sep-2005 obituary
Strmiska Elsie Kaspar 30-May-1999   Clovis District Cemetery 2-Jun-1999 death notice
Strmiska Frances 25-Nov-2001 26-May-1921 Calvary Cemetery 27-Nov-2001 obituary
Strmiska Gilbert J. 17-Aug-2004 6-Mar-1928 Granger City Cemetery 19-Aug-2004 obituary
Strmiska Jerry Matthew 21-Jan-2006 15-Sep-1934 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  23-Jan-2006 obituary
Strmiska Theodore T. 19-Jan-2002   Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 21-Jan-2002 death notice
Strmiska  George J.  4-Mar-2003 5-Feb-1931 Holy Cross Mausoleum, Granger 6-Mar-2003 obituary
Strnad Henry 23-Dec-1999 19-Feb-1903 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 29-Dec-1999 obituary
Stromberg Marjorie Lois 31-Oct-2003 5-May-1917 Cook-Walden Capital Memorial Park  3-Nov-2003 obituary
Struska Frank 7-Feb-2002     15-Feb-2002 death notice
Stuchly Daniel V. 21-Apr-2002 15-Feb-1939   24-Apr-2002 obituary
Studydin Clinton 27-Apr-2006     9-Jun-2006 death notice
Stugart James William 28-Jun-2003 20-Nov-1936   2-Jul-2003 obituary
Stullenburger Virginia Schram 11-Oct-2004 5-Nov-1924 Greenwood Mausoleum 14-Oct-2004 obituary
Stumhoffer Ella Werchan 3-Nov-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Nov-1997 obituary
Stupka Lillian Matocha 26-May-2004 19-Sep-1917 SS Cyril Methodius Catholic Church Cemetery, Damon 28-May-2004 obituary
Sturm Ida Emma 1-Jan-1999   St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery 5-Jan-1999 death notice
Suchomel Ann Frances 29-Jan-2002 1-May-1920 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 30-Jan-2002 obituary
Sullivan Adeline Bubella 7-Mar-2001 20-Feb-1914 Houston National Cemetery,Houston 12-Mar-2001 obituary
Sumbera Majorie Ruella 3-Mar-2002     4-Mar-2002 death notice
Sumbera Mary 18-Nov-2001   Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 20-Nov-2001 death notice
Sumbera William Paul "Sonny" 6-Feb-2001   Holland Cemetery 8-Feb-2001 death notice
Summers Norman Lee, Jr. 12-Apr-2000 30-Sep-1928   13-Apr-2000 obituary
Sundberg Wernice R.  25-Jun-2004   Austin Memorial Park, Austin 28-Jun-2004 death notice
Supak Bernice 28-Sep-2004 14-Jun-1919 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 29-Sep-2004 obituary
Supak Patricia Ann   16-Oct-2001 30-Sep-1939 College Station City Cemetery 18-Oct-2001 obituary
Sutton G. W. "Shrimp" 27-Oct-2003 18-Mar-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Oct-2003 obituary
Sutton Jack B. 8-Aug-2000 4-Jan-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 10-Aug-2000 obituary
Sutton Lucy Deane Rainwater 14-Oct-2001 14-Apr-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Oct-2001 obituary
Svadlenak Elphia Hurta 1-Sep-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Sep-2001 obituary
Svatek Joel Scott  27-Jan-2003     20-Jan-3002 obituary
Svehlak Brent Lee 28-Feb-1999   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 2-Mar-1999 obituary
Swain Melissa   15-Oct-2005     17-Oct-2005 death notice
Swan Raymond 20-Sep-2005     26-Sep-2005 death notice
Swanson Peter Warren 28-Dec-1999     20-Jan-2000 obituary
Swenson Byron Anthony 8-Nov-2001 25-Oct-1965 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Nov-2001 obituary
Swenson Lillian A. 10-Sep-2000 31-Mar-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Aug-2006 obituary
Swenson Malinda Kiesler 7-Mar-2001 25-Sep-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Mar-2001 obituary
Swenson Margaret 1-Aug-2001 25-Aug-1900 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Aug-2001 obituary
Swenson Thomas F. 26-Apr-1998 16-Jan-1933 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Aprr-1998 obituary
Swilley Bennie Frank, Sr. 5-Mar-2001 3-Jul-1918   7-Mar-2001 obituary
Swinford Daniel "Chief" 13-Aug-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Aug-1998 death notice
Swope Abe Lee Jr. 2-Aug-1997 19-Aug-1928 Florence City Cemetery 5-Aug-1997 obituary
Swope Oleta Rogers 5-Jan-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 6-Jan-1999 death notice
Symmank Jerry Ray 4-Aug-2002 26-Jun-1957 Giddings City Cemetery 6-Aug-2002 obituary
Synatzske August "Gus"  24-Mar-2000 13-Sep-1918   27-Mar-2000 obituary
Synatzske Herbert 12-Jan-1997     15-Jan-1997 obituary
Tackitt Martha E. 7-Feb-1997   Granger City Cemetery 10-Feb-1997 death notice
Taisler Alvin 28-Jul-1997   Holland Cemetery 30-Jul-1997 death notice
Taisler Henry J. 16-Nov-2004 3-Oct-1935   18-Nov-2004 obituary
Taisler Matilda Schwertner 8-Apr-1998 7-Nov-1912 Holy Trinity Cemetery, Corn Hill 9-Apr-1998 obituary
Tallas Bessis Tolcik 20-Aug-1999 23-Sep-1912 Granger Brethren Cemetery  23-Aug-1999 obituary
Talley Charles Laten, Jr. 12-Dec-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Dec-2002 death notice
Talley  Kaiden Ray 10-Feb-2001 4-Dec-2000 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Feb-2001 obituary
Talley   Julie Frances Belicek 29-Jul-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Jul-2002 death notice
Tamez Susan Eloise 15-Aug-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Aug-2000 obituary
Tanksley Annie 16-Apr-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Apr-1999 death notice
Tanksley Houston Jr. 15-Nov-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Nov-1998 death notice
Tanksley Kenneth 7-May-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 12-May-2004 death notice
Tannahill Ernestyne 2-Jul-2006     5-Jul-2006 obituary
Tannahill Ernestyne 2-Jul-2006     7-Jul-2006 death notice
Tanner Frank R. 24-Feb-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 25-Feb-1999 obituary
Tantillo Ricky Lyn 24-Mar-2000 25-Jun-1958 Cedar Valley Cemetery 24-Mar-2000 obituary
Tate John A. 11-Sep-1998   Wilson Springs Cemetery 14-Sep-1998 death notice
Tatum Robert Dean 28-Apr-2002     30-Apr-2002 death notice
Taylor C.C. 11-Apr-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 14-Apr-1998 death notice
Taylor Doran Louis 26-Mar-2000 21-Apr-1950 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery 31-Mar-2000 obituary
Taylor Janie Maxine 2-May-1998     5-May-1998 death notice
Taylor Juanita 11-Aug-2002   Assumption Cemetery,Austin 13-Aug-2002 death notice
Taylor Karl 31-Jul-1997   Lufkin 4-Aug-1997 death notice
Taylor Monroe Edison, Jr. 30-Apr-2002   V.A. Cemetery,Dallas 6-May-2002 obituary
Taylor Opal Maude May 2004 5-Jan-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 12-May-2004 obituary
Taylor Sherman, Sr. 20-Feb-1998   Moab Cemetery Near Lexington 25-Feb-1998 death notice
Teaff Jack 26-Aug-1998 20-Jul-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Aug-1998 obituary
Teaff Lillie Mae 1-Nov-2000 2-Feb-1925   7-Nov-2000 obituary
Teague  Casey Allen 29-Aug-2006 10-Sep-1953 St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 1-Sep-2006 obituary
Teague  David Norman II 13-Mar-1997 9-Jun-1975   16-Apr-1997 obituary
Teal Janie D'Ann 31-Aug-2004     2-Sep-2004 death notice
Tealer Lucille 29-Apr-2003 1-Dec-1923 Taylor City Cemetery 2-May-2003 obituary
Teer Thomas Lee 14-Mar-2005 19-Mar-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Mar-2005 obituary
Teggemann Werner (Edith)  Mrs. 12-Nov-2003     13-Nov-2003 death notice
Teichelman Amelia Minnie 23-Jan-2000   McDade Cemetery 25-Jan-2000 obituary
Teichelman Edwin C.    5-Jan-2003 8-Aug-1925 Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, West Taylor 6-Jan-2003 obituary
Teichelman Herbert A. 28-Sep-2000 30-May-1918 Hutto City Cemetery 29-Sep-2000 obituary
Teichelman Howard E.  Sr. 19-May-2004 23-Apr-1922 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 21-May-2004 obituary
Teichelman Lance T. 12-Nov-2004 21-Oct-1970 St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 16-Nov-2004 obituary
Teinert Minni (Schneider) 6-Dec-2004     9-Dec-2004 death notice
Tennill Dan Waggoner 14-Mar-2002 7-Feb-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Mar-2002 obituary
Terrazas Sebastian R. 12-Sep-1997   Monahans Memorial Cemetery 15-Sep-1997 death notice
Terrell Josephine N. 27-Sep-1997   Detmold Cemetery near Thorndale 29-Sep-1997 obituary
Tesmer Carl A. (Willie) 16-Mar-2006 10-Mar-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Mar-2006 obituary
Thaler Ella A. 25-Apr-1997 5-Dec-1900 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Apr-1997 obituary
Thaler Martin Gus 19-Apr-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Apr-1999 death notice
Thaler Minnie  30-Mar-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 31-Mar-2003 death notice
Thaler Norman L."Cooper" 22-Nov-2002 23-Dec-1928 St.John's Lutheran Church Cemetary 25-Nov-2002 obituary
Theis Arthur A. 13-Jul-2004 7-Jan-1926 St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 14-Jul-2004 obituary
Theis Martha Minnie 3-Jan-2000   St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 4-Jan-2000 obituary
Thiel Hattie   13-Nov-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Nov-2001 obituary
Thiele Frieda 26-Dec-1998   Friendship Cemetery 28-Dec-1998 death notice
Thiele Lena 15-Nov-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Nov-2003 death notice
Thomas Barbara 4-Dec-2005     5-Dec-2005 death notice
Thomas Ethyl Mae 12-Nov-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Nov-1998 death notice
Thomas Lois  19-Jul-2002 22-Jan-1911 Mart Cemetery,Mart 24-Jul-2002 obituary
Thomas Lorene 16-Feb-1997   Beard Family Cemetery 17-Feb-1997 death notice
Thomas Shannon Charles  16-Nov-2005     22-Nov-2005 death notice
Thomas Vivian 19-Mar-2002   Bartlett City Cemetery 21-Mar-2002 death notice
Thomas  Adell Mae 1-Mar-2000   Mesquite Cemetery,near Lexington 2-Mar-2000 death notice
Thomas  Kenneth Palmer, Jr. 18-Apr-2000   Holland Cemetery 21-Apr-2000 death notice
Thomas  Robert Charles  6-Apr-2006     13-Apr-2006 obituary
Thomison Zachary Alexander 5-May-2006 11-Mar-1996 Hutto City Cemetery 8-May-2006 obituary
Thompson Ceawillow Gipson 5-Oct-2005     10-Oct-2005 death notice
Thompson Dave  23-Jan-2004 15-Mar-1962 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Jan-2004 obituary
Thompson Erma Jewell Boothe 6-Dec-2005 23-Jun-1909 Hochheim Cemetery in Hochheim, TX 8-Dec-2005 obituary
Thompson Evelyn Joyce 6-Dec-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Dec-1997 obituary
Thompson J.T. "Buddy 27-May-2000   Ft.Worth City Cemetery 31-May-2000 death notice
Thompson John W.  16-Jun-2006 18-Jun-1920 St. Peter's Cemetery  20-Jun-2006 obituary
Thompson Kenneth E.  22-May-2004   Laurel Land Cemetery, Ft. Worth 25-May-2004 death notice
Thompson Lottie Latham 19-May-2001   Holland Cemetery,Holland 21-May-2001 death notice
Thompson Mary L. 21-Feb-1999   New Gordon Cemetery 23-Feb-1999 death notice
Thompson Ruby Dorothy 7-Feb-1999     24-Feb-1999 obituary
Thompson Sandra 18-Jun-2002 22-Feb-1941   20-Jun-2002 obituary
Thompson Tommy 21-Dec-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Dec-2003 death notice
Thoms Doris K.    18-Jun-2004     21-Jun-2004 obituary
Thonig Elda Louise 15-Dec-1999 21-Mar-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Dec-1999 obituary
Thornton Jerry 25-Jan-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Jan-1999 death notice
Thornton Kathryn Marie (Lenz) 20-Jan-1999 10-Sep-1936 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery 22-Jan-1999 obituary
Threadgill Denise Foster 22-Jul-1999 10-Jul-1950 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Jul-1999 obituary
Tidwell Ethel A. 18-Jun-2003 27-Aug-1910 Macedonia Cemetery, West of Granger 20-Jun-2003 obituary
Tieman Sheryl Ann 6-Mar-1999 8-Feb-1965 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Mar-1999 obituary
Tiemann Lillie Mae 21-Mar-2005 30-Jun-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Mar-2005 obituary
Tillis Cecil A. 10-Jul-1998   Columbia, South Carolina 23-Jul-1998 obituary
Tillis John       7-Jul-2003 death notice
Tims Mora Esther 30-Nov-2001 3-Oct-1913 Antioch Cemetery 3-Dec-2001 obituary
Tinsley Alice Louise Lockwood 18-Aug-2003 9-Nov-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Aug-2003 obituary
Tinsley Louise 18-Aug-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 19-Aug-2003 death notice
Tolbert Clarence 31-Mar-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Apr-2000 death notice
Toliver James Carl 19-Feb-2005   Cook-Walden/Capital parks cemetary 25-Feb-2005 death notice
Toman Edward George, Jr. 7-Sep-1999   St. Marys Cemetery 9-Sep-1999 death notice
Toman Joe 13-Dec-2002   St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 13-Dec-2002 death notice
Toman Lucy David 22-Aug-2002 19-Oct-1907 St.Mary's Cemetery 23-Aug-2002 obituary
Tomancak Frances K. 2-Apr-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Apr-2002 death notice
Tomanchak Arnold 9-Feb-2001 5-Sep-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Feb-2001 obituary
Tomasik Clifford    13-Nov-2001   Wilson Valley Cemetery, Little River-Academy 15-Nov-2001 death notice
Tomlinson Jesse "Dooder" 2-Oct-2004 28-Feb-1942 Palm Valley Cemetery, Round Rock 2-Oct-2004 obituary
Torres Carlos C. (Honey) 16-Jan-2001 19-Dec-1942 Elgin Latin Cemetery 18-Jan-2001 obituary
Torres Geuaro 23-Mar-2004   San Antonio 24-Mar-2004 death notice
Torres Maria 27-Sep-1999   Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 28-Sep-1999 death notice
Torres Severino Vega 10-Sep-1998 11-Feb-1921 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 11-Sep-1998 obituary
Torres  John 16-Jun-2002   Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 18-Jun-2002 death notice
Totah Ester H. 4-May-1998   Memorial Park Cemetery 6-May-1998 death notice
Tovar  Fabian 8-Jan-2003 20-Jan-1937 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Jan-2003 obituary
Tovar  Tomas Salazar 14-May-2002   Holland Cemetery 16-May-2002 death notice
Towery Lavada 22-Aug-2000   Salty Cemetery, Salty 23-Aug-2000 death notice
Townsend Curtis F. 13-May-1999   West Taylor Cemetery 17-May-1999 obituary
Townsend Gladys Allyne 17-Oct-1998 22-Sep-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Oct-1998 obituary
Townsend Opal 28-Feb-2001     1-Mar-2001 death notice
Tramp Elaine Chalupa 30-Aug-2004 24-Dec-1932   2-Sep-2004 death notice
Trejo Celestina 19-Sep-2001   Holy Cross Cemetery,Granger 20-Sep-2001 death notice
Trejo Herman Daniel  17-Jun-2006   Holy Cross Cemetary 22-Jun-2006 death notice
Trejo Juliana 17-Dec-2000   Holy Cross Cemetery in Granger 19-Dec-2000 death notice
Trevino Arthur M. 15-Jul-1998   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 17-Jul-1998 obituary
Trevino John 28-Jan-2004 21-Apr-1944 Granger City Cemetery 30-Jan-2004 obituary
Trevino Maj. Guillermo (Willie) Sr. 6-Jan-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 8-Jan-1997 obituary
Triplett Jerry Carl "Coach Trip" 8-Jul-2003   St. Paul Memorial Park, Crawford 21-Jul-2003 obituary
Trolinger Thelma Grace 12-Oct-2001   Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Ok. 15-Oct-2001 death notice
Troxnell Mildred Inez 16-Mar-1999 23-Aug-1913 Granger City Cemetery 17-Mar-1999 Obituary
Tschoerner Edward Ben 6-Mar-1999   Corn Hill Cemetery,Jarrell 8-Mar-1999 death notice
Tullock Roberta Davis 30-Dec-2004   Eastview Cemetery, Vernon 31-Dec-2004 death notice
Turek  Mary  1-Sep-2006     4-Sep-2006 death notice
Turner Billy Claude Sr. 12-Dec-1999 1-Mar-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Dec-1999 obituary
Turner Bruce 24-May-2001   Bartlett Cemetery 29-May-2001 death notice
Turner Felton Sophie Grohman 26-Jun-2001 31-Dec-1915 New Red Rock Cemetery,Red Rock 28-Jun-2001 obituary
Turner Mae Willie 6-Aug-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 9-Aug-2002 death notice
Tyler Beatrice Harrison 1-May-2001 28-Oct-1900 St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 3-May-2001 obituary