Taylor Daily Press Obituary Index
January 1997 to August 2006
Alphabetical by Last Name O-R
Last Name First Name & Middle Death Date Birth Date Buried Citation Notes
Obermiller Alma 5-Feb-1998   Davilla Cemetery 9-Feb-1998 death notice
Obermiller Wilburn Oran 23-Feb-2004 20-Dec-1914 Memory Gardens Cemetery 26-Feb-2004 obituary
O'Bier Michael Erin 7-Aug-2000 20-Aug-1973   10-Aug-2000 obituary
O'Campo Carmen 20-Sep-2001 12-Oct-1910 Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Cemetery, Taylor 24-Sep-2001 obituary
Ochoa Steven Alex 14-Jan-2004   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 16-Jan-2004 death notice
Ochoa Susie M. 8-Jun-1997     9-Jun-1997 obituary
Ochs Charles G. 22-Mar-1999   Bellwood Memorial Park 23-Mar-1999- obituary
Ochs Gary G. 9-Nov-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 11-Nov-1997 death notice
Odom Wilma Ann 16-Apr-2001 5-Apr-1943   17-Apr-2001 obituary
Oehrlein Amalie A. 27-Aug-1999   St. Peters Cemetary, Coupland 30-Aug-1999 death notice
Oehrlein Emma Augusta 7-Jun-1999 28-Feb-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Jun-1999 obituary
Oehrlein Laurence 2-Nov-2001 22-Jul-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Nov-2001 obituary
Oertli Jerry 11-Nov-2005   Cook-Walden/Capital Parks, Pflugerville 15-Nov-2005 death notice
Ohman August B. 20-Jan-2002   Watson Chapel Cemetery,Bleakwood 22-Jan-2002 death notice
Ohno Kenji 14-Mar-2005   Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Cemetery 17-Mar-2005 death notice
Olander Ralph D. 1-Nov-2005   Raleigh Memorial Park, Frost Ct., Raleigh 7-Nov-2005 obituary
Olbrich Elvira (Vera) 18-Dec-2001 5-Oct-1919 St.Paul Church Cemetery 19-Dec-2001 obituary
Olguin Adam 11-Dec-2001 4-Mar-1965 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 13-Dec-2001 obituary
Olguin Delilah 29-Sep-2000 20-Mar-1980 St. Mary's Cemetery 2-Oct-2000 obituary
Olguin Mary Gomez 16-Dec-1999 7-Jul-1926 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 20-Dec-1999 obituary
Oliphint Verna McDonald 13-Aug-2002 8-Sep-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Aug-2002 obituary
Olivarez Alfred Deleon 6-Apr-2001 12-Dec-1930 St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 9-Apr-2001 obituary
Olivarez Maria Guadalupe 15-Aug-2003 5-Aug-1969   18-Aug-2003 obituary
Olivarez Ninfa S. 17-Sep-2002 19-Jun-1923 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 19-Sep-2002 obituary
Olle Emanuel A. 27-Mar-2001 26-Mar-1912 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery 30-Mar-2001 obituary
Olle  Irene Eleanor (Swenson)  2-Mar-2003 28-Aug-1914 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery   4-Mar-2003 obituary
Olsen Charles E. 5-Oct-2004 31-Dec-1934 Cedar Knob Cemetery, Belton 7-Oct-2004 obituary
Olsen William C. 18-Oct-2005   Fairview Cemetary in Bastrop 24-Oct-2002 obituary
Olson Charles E.(Gene) 5-May-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 8-May-1998 obituary
Olson Mary 10-Dec-1996 26-Apr-1914 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 12-Dec-1996 obituary
Olson Vena 13-Dec-1998 24-May-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Dec-1998 obituary
Olsovsky Vlasta 22-Dec-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 23-Dec-1997 obituary
Oranday Estanislodo G. 8-Oct-2005     10-Oct-2005 death notice
Oranday Jesus Thomas Jr. 16-Sep-2005   St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 19-Sep-2005 death notice
Oranday Maria Rebecca 29-Jan-2004 18-Jan-1937 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 30-Jan-2004 obituary
Organ Mr.O.P. "Pat" 18-Aug-1997 20-Feb-1908 Locklin Cemetery,near Thorndale 19-Aug-1997 obituary
Orme Aubrey Desmond 20-Feb-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Feb-2000 obituary
Ortiz  Mario Vicente 28-Jun-2000 12-Aug-1972 Lady of Guadalupa Cemetery 3-Jul-2000 obituary
Ortiz  Susie F. 4-Sep-2002 31-Jul-1912 St.Mary's Cemetery 6-Sep-2002 obituary
Orts William 25-Jul-1999 26-Apr-1907 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Jul-1999 obituary
Oslick Chester A. 1-Feb-2003 27-May-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Feb-2003 obituary
Oujezdsky Timothy Wesley 26-Aug-2003 5-Dec-1915 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 28-Aug-2003 obituary
Owen Corinne Koger 2-Nov-2000 28-Aug-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Nov-2000 obituary
Owen J.R. 6-Aug-1999 27-Jun-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 10-Aug-1999 obituary
Owen Virginia Dare 11-Nov-1998 21-May-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Nov-1998 obituary
Pacha Edna W.   20-Feb-2004   Bartlett City Cemetery 23-Feb-2004 death notice
Pacha Ella 21-Jul-2003   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 23-Jul-2003 death notice
Pachalos Tommy 20-Jan-1997   Austin Memorial Park, Austin 23-Jan-1997 death notice
Pachicano Johnny (J.P.) 3-Feb-2006 7-May-1951 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Feb-2006 obituary
Pachicano Tony 8-May-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery 9-May-1997 obituary
Page John D. 26-Feb-2000 13-Apr-2000   28-Feb-2000 obituary
Pairett James Elton 10-Nov-1999   Val Verde Baptist Cemetery, Holland 12-Nov-1999 obituary
Palla Edward Thomas 28-Oct-1997 6-Feb-1927   30-Oct-1997 obituary
Palla Martha Elizabeth 8-Dec-1999 5-Nov-1938 St. Louis Catholic Cemetery 10-Dec-1999 obituary
Palla Michael Dan 16-Jan-2005     20-Jan-2005 death notice
Palla Willie (Bill) Jr. 19-Apr-1998 2-Nov-1922   21-Apr-1998 obituary
Palm Raymond Charles 16-Oct-1998 12-Oct-1923 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 19-Oct-1998 obituary
Palmaro Joseph 18-Mar-1997   Locklin Cemetery,near Thorndale 18-Mar-1997 death notice
Palmer Rev. N.E. 7-Dec-1996   Taylor City Cemetery 11-Dec-1996 obituary
Palomo Scott Cory 8-Apr-2006 28-Jan-1989 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Taylor 11-Apr-2006 obituary
Paris Lucille (Ted) 25-Feb-2000   Salty Cemetery, Salty 28-Feb-2000 death notice
Parker Charles Henry 19-Dec-1999 22-Feb-1938 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Dec-1999 obituary
Parker Glen 15-Jun-2004   Wilson Valley Cemetery, Little River 16-Jun-2004 death notice
Parker W. C. "Dude" 27-Mar-2005 28-Dec-1934 Winchester City Cemetery 29-Mar-2005 obituary
Parkhill C. M. "Jimmy" 7-Apr-2004   Holland City Cemetery 9-Apr-2004 death notice
Parkins Virginia Enyeart 5-Jan-2004 20-Jul-1914 Grandview Cemetery, North Versailles, Pennsylvania 8-Jan-2005 obituary
Parr Lillian Leona 21-May-1998 30-Jul-1907 Elgin City  Cemetery 27-May-1998 obituary
Parra Nieves C. "Snow" 5-Sep-2000 5-Aug-1922 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 8-Sep-2000 obituary
Parten Carol Ann 22-Jul-2006 16-Aug-1944 Emmanuel Lutheren Cemetery 25-Jul-2006 obituary
Parten Robert Glen "Bobo"  Jr. 6-Oct-2003 3-Feb-1954 Immanual Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pflugerville 8-Oct-2003 obituary
Pasemann Ada 9-May-2002 9-Jul-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 10-May-2002 obituary
Pasemann Glenn Roy 13-Dec-2000 15-Aug-1933 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Dec-2000 obituary
Pasemann Nora E. 10-May-2004 21-Feb-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 12-May-2004 obituary
Pate Edward R. 3-Sep-1998 9-Dec-1923 Capital Memorial Park 4-Sep-1998 obituary
Pate Jimmie 29-Mar-2001   Land Cemetery,Jarrell,Texas 30-Mar-2001 death notice
Patrick Charles Edward 31-Mar-2003     3-Apr-2003 death notice
Patrick George Randall 9-Apr-2003     16-Apr-2003 death notice
Patschke Alfred Henry 3-Feb-2006 30-Jan-1914 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 6-Feb-2006 obituary
Patschke Betty Jo 23-Aug-2001 2-Oct-1946 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Aug-2001 obituary
Patschke Evelyn Maxine 9-Dec-2001 30-Oct-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Dec-2001 obituary
Patschke Herbert Oswald 30-Apr-1999 26-Feb-1917 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 4-May-1999 obituary
Patschke Nicole Ann 25-Jul-1999 22-Nov-1973 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery 27-Jul-1999 obituary
Patschke Oscar E. 16-Jun-1998   Highland Memorial Park,Kaukauna,WI 17-Jun-1998 death notice
Patschke Robert John 13-Apr-1999 9-Mar-1915 Bellwood Memorial Park 15-Apr-1999 obituary
Patschke Walter Ernest 13-Dec-2000   St. James Lutheran Cemetery 15-Dec-2000 death notice
Patterson Lois 24-Aug-2002 21-Jan-1940 Ft.Sam Houston National Cemetery,San Antonio 28-Aug-2002 obituary
Patterson Lois Stiles 25-Mar-2000 1-Jan-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Mar-2000 obituary
Pausewang A.J. Jr. 8-Mar-2000   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery 9-Mar-2000 death notice
Pausewang Irene 29-Mar-2004   St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Bartlett 30-Mar-2004 death notice
Pausewang Louise Vera 17-Jan-1997   Holland Cemetery 20-Jan-1997 death notice
Pauska Helen 1-Feb-2005   New York 2-Feb-2005 death notice
Pavel Antone Albert 27-Dec-1996   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Dec-1996 obituary
Pavelka Joe 19-Dec-1996   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Dec-1996 obituary
Pavelka John Joe 25-Nov-1998   Holy Cross Mausoleum 27-Nov-1998 death notice
Pavelka Valeria Dorothy (Holubec)  25-Mar-2005   Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum, Granger 28-Mar-2005 death notice
Pavlik Millie M. 15-Jan-2005 24-May-1923 St.Mary's Cemetary 17-Jan-2005 obituary
Payne Joe Roland 13-May-2002 18-Dec-1935 Austin Memorial Park, Austin 16-May-2002 obituary
Peacock Gloria Ann 11-Mar-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Mar-2004 death notice
Pearson Alice J. 28-Oct-1999 8-Jun-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Oct-1999 obituary
Pearson Harry R. 24-Dec-1996 24-Dec-1902 Oakwood Cemetery, Waco 26-Dec-1996 obituary
Pearson Olga Almquist 18-Jun-1999   Hutto Lutheran Cemetery 21-Jun-1999 death notice
Pearson Wiley M. 17-Aug-2006     18-Aug-2006 death notice
Pearson Wiley M. 17-Aug-2006 11-Feb-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Aug-2006 obituary
Pechal Lavine 24-Mar-1998     25-Mar-1998 obituary
Peche Janie Olivarez 6-May-1924 25-Feb-2001 Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  28-Feb-2001 obituary
Peddie Maude 29-Apr-2001   Holland Cemetery,Bell County 1-May-2001 death notice
Peiser Berttrece 12-Jan-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 14-Jan-1998 obituary
Pekar Viola Irma 13-Nov-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 15-Nov-1999 death notice
Pelzel Allyne B. 18-Sep-2002 20-Mar-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Sep-2002 obituary
Penak Clifford Frank 21-Nov-2005 16-Apr-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Nov-2005 obituary
Penney Luther 30-Dec-1996 13-Oct-1910 West Taylor Church Cemetery 1-Jan-1997 obituary
Pennington Tommy 13-Oct-1997 17-Sep-1946   16-Oct-1997 obituary
Pepper William Robert 4-Aug-2005 1-Jan-1932 St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 5-Aug-2005 obituary
Perez Emily Jean Phillips 30-Nov-2001 12-Apr-1966 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Dec-2001 obituary
Perez Faustino Gomez 25-Sep-1998 25-Sep-1914 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 28-Sep-1998 obituary
Perez Guadalupe Reyes 12-Dec-2003 14-Aug-1933 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 15-Dec-2003 obituary
Perez Mary B. 5-Jun-1998   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 8-Jun-1998 death notice
Perkins Harry L. 22-Apr-2000   Holland City Cemetery 24-Apr-2000 obituary
Pernitza Henry 14-Jan-2004 8-Mar-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 16-Jan-2004 obituary
Pernitza Mrs. Henry (Nan) 29-Jan-1999 28-Dec-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 1-Feb-1999 obituary
Perreten John 3-Oct-1999 29-Aug-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Oct-1999 obituary
Perschel Dora Erna 30-Apr-1998   St. Peters Church Cemetery, Walbutg 1-May-1998 death notice
Persky Leona Beatrice 9-Jan-2002   St.John Lutheran Church Cemetery,Bartlett 11-Jan-2002 death notice
Persky Martha 29-Jan-2000 21-Aug-1920 St. John's Lutheran Church Cemeteryl 1-Feb-2000 Obituary
Persky Vlasta 11-Dec-1997   Holland Cemetery 12-Dec-1997 death notice
Peschel A.E. (Alvin) 13-Mar-1999 8-May-1913 Bartlett City Cemetery 15-Mar-1999 obituary
Peschel Adela Irene Christine 20-Aug-2002   St.John Lutheran Cemetery,Bartlett 22-Aug-2002 death notice
Peters Amos Jr. 29-Oct-1999 6-Jan-1919 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 1-Nov-1999 obituary
Peters Ernest O. 17-Mar-1999 11-Sep-1904 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 18-Mar-1999 obituary
Peterson C.T. "Pete" 8-Apr-1999 2-Jul-1926 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 9-Apr-1999 obituary
Peterson Edith Kruger 25-Jul-2001   Elgin Cemetery 27-Jul-2001 death notice
Peterson Ethel Lee 2-Sep-2004     6-Sep-2004 death notice
Peterson Gwendolyn  25-Jul-2006 29-Dec-1915 Lexington Memorial Cemetery 28-Jul-2006 obituary
Peterson Louise 16-May-1930 26-May-1840 Taylor City Cemetery 18-May-1930 obituary
Peterson Margaret 25-Jul-2006     27-Jul-2006 death notice
Petrie Laurence P. 14-May-2002   Holland Cemetery 16-May-2002 death notice
Petzolt Susie Minnie (Werchan) 15-Jul-2005 23-Dec-1940 Prince of Peace Church Cemetery, Wuthrich Hill 18-Jul-2005 obituary
Petzolt Walter Fritz 1-Apr-2001 26-Aug-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Apr-2001 obituary
Pfannstiel Ruphine Werchan 25-Dec-1997 3-Dec-1909 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Dec-1997 obituary
Pfeil Leona 21-Jun-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jun-1997 obituary
Pfennig Melvin L. 7-Jan-1998   Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 9-Jan-1998 obituary
Pfluger C.W. Bill, Jr.     St. Peters Cemetary, Coupland 3-Jul-2006 obituary
Pfluger Christian  29-Jun-2006     30-Jun-2006 death notice
Philips Delores Jean 14-Feb-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Feb-2006 death notice
Phillips Edric Ree 10-Dec-2003   Oaklawn Cemetery, Rockdale 15-Dec-2003 death notice
Phillips Guy Shelby 26-Jul-1997   Thorndale City Cemetery 28-Jul-1997 death notice
Phillips Henry Jackson 4-Oct-2001 3-Jun-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Oct-2001 obituary
Phillips Willie Mae 14-Sep-2004 22-May-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Sep-2004 obituary
Phillips  Jesse Angus 'Joe' 4-Jan-2002 3-Oct-1907 Cleveland Cemetery 7-Jan-2002 obituary
Piel Lillie Henkes 3-Dec-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 4-Dec-1998 obituary
Pierce Ann Lucille Mulholland 14-Oct-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery 17-Oct-1997 obituary
Pierce Thomas Floyd 22-Dec-2005 2-Feb-1916   26-Dec-2005 obituary
Piercy Floyd  23-Jan-2002   Alice City Cemetery  24-Jan-2002 obituary
Pircher Albert Herman 9-Jan-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Jan-1997 death notice
Pircher Lillian E. 22-Apr-2002 11-Sep-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Apr-2002 obituary
Pircher Louis Alvin 13-Aug-2003 24-Nov-1921 Cook-Walden /Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 15-Aug-2003 obituary
Pitts Bobbye Dean (Crocker) 9-Jun-1997 5-Apr-1932   12-Jun-1997 obituary
Plant James E.  10-Nov-2003 7-Nov-1942 Bartlett City Cemetery 11-Nov-2003 obituary
Ploeger Clarence Lee Jr. 16-May-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 17-May-1999 death notice
Plummer James C. 16-Jan-2006 12-Jul-1919 Bang Cemetery in Bangs, TX 18-Jan-2006 obituary
Poe Clarice Agnes 26-Mar-2000   Pleasant Retreat Cemetery 28-Mar-2000 death notice
Poe French Homer 8-Nov-1999 13-Aug-1931 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery 10-Nov-1999 Obituary
Poe R.H.Jr. (Roy H. Poe, Jr.) 9-Mar-1997 19-Jul-1997 Oakwood Cemetery, Waco 10-Mar-1997 obituary
Poe  Illa Mae 24-Jun-2001   Pleasant Retreat Cemetery 25-Jun-2001 death notice
Pokorney(Pokorny) Agnes Elizabeth Fronek 7-Aug-2003 21-Aug-1909 Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 13-Aug-2003 obituary
Pokorny Ben   10-Jun-2004 30-Jun-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 11-Jun-2004 obituary
Pokorny Fay 21-Dec-1997   Old North Church Forest Lawn 29-Dec-1997 obituary
Pokorny Frank 9-Aug-1998 12-Mar-1904 Taylor City Cemetery 10-Aug-1998 obituary
Pokorny Henrietta 14-Jun-2003 13-Oct-1917 St.Mary's Cemetery 16-Jun-2003 obituary
Pokorny Martha Mildred Mikeska 22-Dec-2005 14-Sep-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Dec-2005 obituary
Pokorny Willie Mae 16-Aug-2001 4-Jan-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Aug-2001 obituary
Polach Mary Ann 31-Oct-2002 2-Sep-1913 Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Corn Hill 1-Nov-2002 obituary
Polasek Gladys Marie 27-Aug-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Aug-2001 death notice
Polasek Helen V. 24-Feb-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 25-Feb-1997 death notice
Polasek Jerry (Jaroslav) 19-Nov-2004 18-Jul-1908 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 22-Nov-2004 obituary
Poldrack Clarence W. 18-May-1999 30-Jun-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 20-May-1999 obituary
Poldrack Laura 26-Jul-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Jul-2002 death notice
Poldrack Lawrence Ernst 5-Apr-1998 3-Mar-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Apr-1998 obituary
Poldrack Thelma 7-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Feb-1997 obituary
Polk H. A. 10-Jul-2004   Live Oak Cemetery 13-Jul-2004 death notice
Polzin Allen 6-Sep-1998 8-Oct-1923 St.Peter's Church Cemetery, Coupland 8-Sep-1998 obituary
Polzin Bernice Sophie 3-Jun-2000 5-Dec-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Jun-2000 obituary
Polzin Norma   28-Jun-2002 15-Dec-1905 St.Peter's Cemetery 1-Jul-2002 obituary
Ponder Nathalie Dickerson 17-Nov-1997 25-Dec-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Nov-1997 obituary
Ponder  Warren Dallas (Spec) 19-May-2003 9-Apr-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 20-May-2003 obituary
Ponton Mrs. Tilmon (Annie) 10-Mar-1999 17-Jan-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-1999 obituary
Pool Kenneth D. Sr. 22-Jun-2006 26-Nov-1932   26-Jun-2006 obituary
Pool Kenneth D., Sr. 22-Jun-2006 26-Nov-1932   28-Jun-2006 obituary
Pope Grover "Buck" III 21-Apr-2004   Macedonia Cemetery, West of Granger 22-Apr-2004 death notice
Pope M. Mildred Hill 11-Jun-2003 8-May-1921 Macedonia Cemetery, West of Granger 16-Jun-2003 obituary
Pope Robert Jewel "Dick" 12-Nov-2000   Friendship Cemetery 13-Nov-2000 death notice
Posey Adeline Kurtz 29-Sep-2003   St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Bartlet 1-Oct-2003 death notice
Pospisil Angeline  28-Dec-2005     29-Dec-2005 death notice
Pospisil M.W. "Jessie" 21-Nov-1998   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 23-Nov-1998 obituary
Poston Irene 12-Aug-1998 6-Aug-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 13-Aug-1998 obituary
Pounder Harold 26-Jun-1997   Lexington Memorial Cemetery 27-Jun-1997 death notice
Powers Russell 5-Nov-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 6-Nov-2003 death notice
Powitzky Alice Emma 19-Dec-2003   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Bartlett 22-Dec-2003 death notice
Powitzky Art Lee 5-Nov-2001   St.John Lutheran Church Cemetery 7-Nov-2001 death notice
Prados Lillian 3-Oct-1997     6-Oct-1997 death notice
Pratt Sarah Ann Richard 27-Jul-1999 23-Feb-1926 Hutto Cemetery 5-Aug-1999 obituary
Prcin Bernice L. 11-Dec-2002 13-Apr-1928 Bellwood Memorial Park,Temple 12-Dec-2002 obituary
Prcin Jannie Gaida 17-Sep-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 19-Sep-1997 obituary
Prcin Paxton Wayne 30-Dec-1998 11-Feb-1980 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Jan-1999 obituary
Preston Richard 8-Jun-2006     9-Jun-2006 death notice
Preston Richard Charles 8-Jun-2006     15-Jun-2006 death notice
Preuss Bertha Taylor 19-Sep-1999 15-Mar-1999 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Sep-1999 obituary
Preusse Alvina Ida 11-May-2002 3-Sep-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 13-May-2002 obituary
Preusse Edna Tillie 3-Dec-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 7-Dec-1998 death notice
Preusse Ernest L. 29-Jun-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Jul-1997 obituary
Preusse Lena Ida 28-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Mar-1997 death notice
Preusse William Joseph 24-Dec-1997 19-Jun-1984 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Dec-1997 obituary
Pribble Margaret R. 10-Jan-1998   ST. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 13-Jan-1998 death notice
Price Elizabeth (Mrs. Carl) 24-Oct-2000   Waco Memorial Park Cemetery 27-Oct-2000 death notice
Price Joe Lewis 3-Nov-2003 15-May-1940 Granger City Cemetery 6-Nov-2003 obituary
Price Johnnie Edward 1-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 3-Feb-1997 death notice
Priesmeyer Edwayne G. "Buddy" 22-Aug-1998 4-Feb-1943 Cook/Walden Capital Parks 24-Aug-1998 obituary
Priesmeyer Ida Martha 21-Dec-1999 31-Oct-1904 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Dec-1999 obituary
Priesmeyer Laris Spratling 17-Sep-2004 10-Sep-1921   20-Sep-2004 obituary
Priest Mrs.Mabel Rachel Brown Madden 27-Jul-2001 15-Feb-1914 Gravely Cemetery,Foreman,Ark. 30-Jul-2001 obituary
Prikryl Andrew A. 8-Oct-1997   Calvary Cemetery, Granger 9-Oct-1997 death notice
Prikryl Gertye 3-Jan-2006 5-Aug-1919 Holy Cross Cemetery    
Prikryl Ignatius R. "Ike" 12-Mar-1998   Holy Cross  Cemetery 16-Mar-1998 obituary
Prikryl John W. 31-Aug-2002 24-Nov-1921 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 2-Sep-2002 obituary
Prikryl Marilyn E.  27-Oct-2003 11-Jan-1930 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 28-Oct-2003 obituary
Prikryl Mary Ella 8-Apr-2002   Calvary Cemetery,Granger 11-Apr-2002 death notice
Prince  Virginia L. 13-Nov-2002 20-Sep-1938 Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery 15-Nov-2002 obituary
Prinz Alton O. 20-Dec-1998   Elgin City Cemetery 21-Dec-1998 death notice
Prinz Leonard Otto 8-Sep-2005   Elgin Cemetery 12-Sep-2005 obituary
Prise Edith Mills  22-Dec-2000 27-Sep-1936   27-Dec-2000 obituary
Pritchard Harold "Pete" 19-Mar-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Mar-2006 death notice
Pritchard Joseph Harold 19-Mar-2006 21-Jan-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Mar-2006 obituary
Pritkryl Gertye 3-Jan-2006     4-Jan-2006 death notice
Prochnow Bernice A. 24-Oct-2001   Salem Cemetery,Freestone County 30-Oct-2001 death notice
Psencik Robert Dan 23-Dec-1996 11-Mar-1925 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Dec-1996 obituary
Pugh Bill  14-Nov-2000 24-Oct-1910 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Nov-2000 obituary
Pulkrabek  Gertrude 20-Nov-2005 1-Jun-1911 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  21-Nov-2005 obituary
Pullin Roger Milton 7-Apr-1998     9-Apr-1998 obituary
Pullins Arzella 27-Oct-2002 20-Apr-1937 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Oct-2002 obituary
Pumphrey Ruby Nelle (Pipkin) 28-Dec-2003 1-Nov-1911 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Dec-2003 obituary
Pundsack Minnie Lee 9-Sep-2003 24-Jan-1928 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Sep-2003 obituary
Purvis Bobby Eugene 11-Aug-2004   Thorndale City Cemetery 13-Aug-2004 death notice
Pustejovsky Albina M. 24-Jun-2001 27-Mar-1905 Granger Bethren Cemetery 26-Jun-2001 obituary
Pustka Mary Agnes 6-Aug-2006 19-Apr-1918 Calvary Cemetery in  Granger 11-Aug-2006 obituary
Putman Melvin E. 16-Jul-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 18-Jul-2005 death notice
Pyle Richard Lynn 31-Jul-2004 18-Nov-1954 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Aug-2004 obituary
Qualls James Allen, Lt. Col.  30-Jul-2004     3-Aug-2004 death notice
Quebe Joyce Estelle 14-Aug-2004 1-Jan-1920   16-Aug-2004 obituary
Rabel Amalie Cevela 27-Jul-2005 19-May-1913 St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Taylor 28-Jul-2005 obituary
Rabroker Edward, Rev. Msgr. 7-Mar-1999 7-Dec-1924 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Westphalia 9-Mar-1999 obituary
Rader Elizabeth Ann 3-Aug-2005   Hutto City Cemetery 4-Aug-2005 death notice
Rae  Jimmy Kennith "Kenny" 21-Aug-2000 8-Sep-1965 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Aug-2000 obituary
Raesz Bonnie Lucille Homann 5-Mar-2006 15-Nov-1935 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Mar-2006 obituary
Raesz Edmond 8-Sep-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 10-Sep-1999 obituary
Raesz Harvey Lee  15-Nov-2000 1-Jan-1938 Memorial Hill Park   21-Nov-2000 obituary
Raesz Hazel 10-Dec-2005   Memorial Hill Park in Pflugerville 12-Dec-2005 death notice
Raesz Louis A. "Race" 1-Apr-2001 26-Aug-1921 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Apr-2001 obituary
Raesz Minnie Bohls 18-Jan-2001     19-Jan-2001 obituary
Raesz Willie "Sonny" 9-Jun-2001 15-Oct-1928 Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, West Taylor 12-Jun-2001 obituary
Rafay Gertrude 1-Feb-2000   St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery,Bartlett 2-Feb-2000 death notice
Rafay Joan Joyce 8-Sep-2005 10-Nov-1937 St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Bartlett 29-Sep-2005 obituary
Ramirez Adam, Rev. 15-Jan-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 16-Jan-2001 death notice
Ramirez Edward Robles 11-Apr-1999     13-Apr-1999 death notice
Ramirez Ramon Raymundo 29-Nov-2005 28-Jul-1911 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetary, Taylor 1-Dec-2005 obituary
Ramirez Sophia Herrera 24-Mar-1999 21-Mar-1963 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Mar-1999 obituary
Ramon Julia Alvarez 11-Jun-1997   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 13-Jun-1997 death notice
Ramos Juanita "Janie" Salas 13-Mar-2002 27-Dec-1932 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-2002 obituary
Ramseur Bruce Alexander 10-Apr-1997 5-Apr-1922 Pinecrest Cemetery 15-Apr-1997 obituary
Ramsey  Barbara 14-Jun-2001     15-Jun-2001 death notice
Rance Willie Ed 22-Apr-2004 21-Jun-1929   28-Apr-2004 obituary
Rance Willie Ed 22-Apr-2004   West View Cemetery, Crossett, Arkansas 27-Apr-2004 death notice
Randig James Matthew 1-Oct-2005 4-Sep-1981 Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Pflugerville 3-Oct-2005 obituary
Randig Joycie Jane 6-Mar-2003 5-Dec-1933 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Mar-2003 obituary
Randig Randall Blake 22-Oct-2004 14-Feb-1956 Taylor City Cemetery 25-Oct-2004 obituary
Rangel Danny 2-Oct-2003[1] 1-Jul-1967 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 4-Nov-2003 obituary
Rangel Ignacio 14-Dec-1999   Grandview Cemetery 17-Dec-1999 obituary
Ransom Lois Ada 27-Dec-2002 7-Mar-1907 Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 31-Dec-2002 obituary
Ranson Rosa 24-May-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Jun-2001 death notice
Rapp  May Belle "Suzy"  26-Feb-2003   Taylor City Cemetery 5-Mar-2003 death notice
Raschke Lena 16-Aug-2003 15-Aug-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 18-Aug-2003 obituary
Rasco Pat Caffey 16-Jul-2005 15-Nov-1941 Liberty Hill Cemetery 18-Jul-2005 obituary
Rathke Walter "Shorty" 1-Oct-2002 3-Feb-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Oct-2002 obituary
Rau Gilbert Woodrow 12-Dec-1996   St. Peter's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Coupland 13-Dec-1996 obituary
Ray Allene Walker 27-Dec-2004   Hutto City Cemetery 28-Dec-2004 death notice
Ray Don E.  Jr. 17-Dec-2003 9-Apr-1950 Capital Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 19-Dec-2003 obituary
Ray Donnie Moody 29-Apr-1999 3-Feb-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Apr-1999 obituary
Ray Ella Frances 27-Apr-1927   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Apr-1998 obituary
Razo Carmen 25-Sep-2005 1-May-1915 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 27-Sep-2005 obituary
Reasoner John W. "Jay" 4-Apr-1997 13-Mar-1930 Burkburnett Cemetery, Burkburnett 7-Apr-1997 obituary
Reat Cecil T. "Sam" 9-Sep-2003 3-Jul-1931 Calvary Cemetery, West of Granger 11-Sep-2003 obituary
Reat Sabina Elizabeth (Sammie) 14-Jul-1998   Calvary Cemetery, Granger 15-Jul-1998 obituary
Rector Catherine Joyce 24-Jan-2002   Holland Cemetery 25-Jan-2002 death notice
Reece Lawrence   30-Dec-2003   Meadowlawn Memorial Park, San Antonio 9-Jan-2004 death notice
Reece Nellie Bernice "Dawson" 12-Apr-2004 18-Feb-1924 Granger City Cemetery 14-Apr-2004 obituary
Reed  Paul 5-Mar-1999   Reed Family Cemetery, Holland 8-Mar-1999 death notice
Reese Adam Jr.  31-Jul-2006 20-May-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 3-Aug-2006 obituary
Reese Danny Lee 26-Jan-2001   Salado Cemetery,Salado 29-Jan-2001 death notice
Reese Rosie Bernice (Red) 28-Sep-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 1-Oct-1999 death notice
Reese  C.J. "Pappy", Jr. 26-Jan-2003 12-Jun-1922 Liberty Cemetery,Milano 28-Jan-2003 obituary
Reeves Donald 14-Feb-1998     18-Feb-1998 death notice
Reeves Jonnie Berry 14-Mar-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 17-Mar-1999 Obituary
Reeves W.D. "Bill" 20-Jan-1998 12-May-1910   23-Jan-1998 obituary
Reichenbach Mrs. Leroy (Anita Rose) 22-Jul-1997 28-Aug-1940 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jul-1997 obituary
Reichenbach Renita Renee 19-Oct-2004 21-Dec-1968 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Oct-2004 obituary
Reid Anna Belle 22-Dec-2003 19-Oct-1913 Chapel Hill Memorial, San Antonio 26-Dec-2003 obituary
Reid Linda Kay Reichenbach 4-Jan-2006 11-Aug-1952 Rosewood Memorial Park, Humble TX 11-Jan-2006 obituary
Reinier Frederick Dale 1-Mar-2005 19-May-1921   4-Mar-2005 obituary
Remmel Alice 11-May-1998 4-Jun-1903 Taylor City Cemetery 15-May-1998 obituary
Remmert Alma 3-Mar-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 4-Mar-1997 obituary
Remmert Alma Hannah 28-Mar-2000 19-Jan-1914 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Thorndale 30-Mar-2000 obituary
Remmert Ida 22-May-2000 26-Sep-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 24-May-2000 obituary
Rendon Nicolasa 29-Aug-2003 5-Mar-1917 St. Mary's Cemetery, Hutto 1-Sep-2003 obituary
Renell Ann Roznovsky 26-Jan-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery 29-Jan-1998 death notice
Resee  Adam Jr.  31-Jul-2006     1-Aug-2006 death notice
Reyes Adelina  23-Oct-2002   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 24-Oct-2002 death notice
Reyes Adrian 27-Apr-2004 8-Jul-1961   29-Apr-2004 death notice
Reyes Antonio  Sr. 8-Oct-2003 19-Nov-1919 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 9-Oct-2003 obituary
Reyes Francisco "Frank" 30-Jul-2001 9-Apr-1956 Liberty Hill Cemetery 6-Aug-2001 obituary
Reyes Guadalupe "Lupe" 12-Apr-2000 7-Dec-1964 Lady of Guadalupa Cemetery 13-Apr-2000 obituary
Reyes Joe Juan 27-Feb-2004 1-May-1957 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 1-Mar-2004 obituary
Reynolds Martha Sue Dyer     Liberty Cemetery in Van Zandt County 17-Apr-1998 obituary
Reynolds William F. "Bill" 26-Sep-2004 25-Dec-1924 Taylor City Cemetery 28-Sep-2004 obituary
Rhoades Isaiah "Izzy" Michael 17-Oct-2004     20-Oct-2004 obituary
Rhoades Marjorie Lawhon 16-Aug-2001 28-Aug-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 17-Aug-2001 obituary
Rhodes Robert William "Dusty" 10-Dec-2002 31-Oct-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Dec-2002 obituary
Richey Doris 25-Jul-2000     28-Jul-2000 death notice
Richter Alvin A. 20-Dec-1996 13-Sep-1919 Austin Memorial Park, Austin 24-Dec-1996 obituary
Richter Ernest Albert 2-Apr-2006 19-Oct-1925   3-Apr-2006 obituary
Richter Gladys Selma 18-Feb-2000   St.Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Thorndale 21-Feb-2000 obituary
Richter Langdon 24-Apr-2001 13-Mar-1906 Taylor City Cemetery 26-Apr-2001 obituary
Richter Lee Ethel  10-Sep-2006 7-Jul-1927 Taylor City Cemetery 11-Sep-2006 obituary
Richter Mathilda (Mrs. Albert F.) 7-Jan-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 8-Jan-1998 obituary
Ricks Henrietta 18-Jan-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Jan-2006 death notice
Rico Cecil  Sr. 7-Jan-2004 5-May-1935 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 9-Jan-2004 obituary
Rico-Orona Lisa Lynn 16-Feb-2005   Granger City Cemetery 17-Feb-2005 death notice
Riedler William Jon 4-May-2006   Boulder, CO. 8-May-2006 obituary
Rieger Ella Nora 18-Nov-1999 20-Oct-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 19-Nov-1999 obituary
Rieger Millie Marie (Fojtik) 19-Nov-2002 12-Apr-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Nov-2002 obituary
Rieger Nelben Leo 15-Dec-1999 7-Oct-1932 St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 17-Dec-1999 obituary
Rieger Otto  4-Jan-2001 14-Aug-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 8-Jan-2001 obituary
Rieger Sam 27-Oct-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Oct-1999 death notice
Rieger Sarah "Dolly" 10-Oct-1997 24-Feb-1934 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 13-Oct-1997 obituary
Rieger William Joseph 20-Aug-2001   St.Mary's Catholic Cemetery 22-Aug-2001 death notice
Riek Lewis Franklin 10-Nov-1999 22-Jun-1920 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 15-Nov-1999 obituary
Riethmayer Herbert Albert, Sr. 31-Jan-2001 5-Aug-1919 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Feb-2001 obituary
Riethmeyer Ewald Henry 26-Sep-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 29-Sep-2000 obituary
Riggs John Forest, Jr. (Rev.) 19-Oct-2005 29-Mar-1929   28-Oct-2005 obituary
Rincon Filomena Cantu 4-Apr-2000   Forest Park-Westheimer,Houston 6-Apr-2000 obituary
Rincon Josephine Vega 24-Feb-2005     2-Mar-2005 obituary
Rincon Juanita E. 11-Sep-1999 27-Dec-1913   13-Sep-1999 death notice
Rinderknecht Pearl Marie 24-Dec-2004 15-Jan-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 27-Dec-2004 obituary
Rinn Calvin A. 21-Jul-2003 6-May-1930 Taylor City Cemetery 22-Jul-2003 obituary
Rinn Calvin Arthur, Jr. 4-Apr-2001 18-Mar-1955 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Apr-2001 obituary
Rinn Gladys Laverne 3-Dec-2002 25-Feb-1933 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Dec-2002 obituary
Rios Gregory Daniel 18-Aug-2003 17-Nov-1962 St. Mary's Cemetery, Hutto 19-Aug-2003 obituary
Ripple Ann Lydia 21-Apr-2004 19-Jun-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Apr-2004 obituary
Ripple Henry E. Sr. 26-May-1999 21-Aug-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 28-May-1999 obituary
Rister Martin Forrest 27-Aug-1998 14-Nov-1923 Cedarlawn Memorial Park 31-Aug-1998 obituary
Rister Raymond H. 29-Dec-2005   Granger Cemetery 3-Jan-2006 death notice
Ritchey Ethel Lee 3-Mar-2000   Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 6-Mar-2000 death notice
Ritter LezleeKaye McDonald 16-Jan-2006 6-Dec-1961   16-Feb-2006 obituary
Rivera Frank Sr. 16-Apr-1999   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 19-Apr-1999 obituary
Rivers Cora Mae 24-Dec-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Dec-2005 death notice
Rivison Robert Lee "Bobbie" 19-Aug-2005 23-Sep-1931   22-Aug-2005 obituary
Roach George 24-Apr-2002   Austin Memorial Park, Austin 29-Apr-2002 death notice
Robb Richard 26-Aug-1997 18-Jun-1935 Lakeview Memorial Gardens 29-Aug-1997 obituary
Robbins Doris Naomi 3-Oct-2003 10-Jan-1919 Great House Cemetery, Temple 7-Oct-2003 obituary
Robbins Edward Tyler 8-Oct-2000     13-Oct-2000 obituary
Robbins Lloyd Leo 11-May-2004 20-Apr-1928 Luling City Cemetery 17-May-2004 obituary
Roberson Billie Joe "Vollie" 23-May-2004 5-Oct-1959 Taylor City Cemetery 26-May-2004 obituary
Roberson Murphy, Sr. 15-Jul-2000 13-Aug-1929 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Jul-2000 obituary
Roberts Anna Bernice Sinclair 1-Dec-2004 29-Jan-1918 Lawhon Springs Cemetery 3-Dec-2004 obituary
Roberts Lt. Col. Wilbur Clark 29-Nov-1996 23-Jun-1915 IOOF Cemetery in Rockdale 2-Dec-1996 obituary
Roberts Robert (BBQ Bob), Lt. Colonel, USAF 2-Aug-2000 27-Jun-1915 Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery, San Antonio 4-Aug-2000 obituary
Roberts Willie Ray "Bill" 18-Jan-1997 15-Jun-1936 St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery 17-Jan-1997 obituary
Robertson Arlene  30-May-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Jun-2006 death notice
Robertson Nora Lee 17-Mar-2005 27-Mar-1937 Olton Memorial Cemetery 18-Mar-2002 obituary
Robinson Alfred D. 30-Mar-2003 19-Feb-1944   1-Apr-2003 obituary
Robinson Ida Louise 17-May-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 21-May-1997 death notice
Robinson James 3-Aug-1999   Taylor City Cemetery 11-Aug-1999 death notice
Robinson Janet Lynn Gwatney 20-Nov-2004 2-May-1967 Graceland/Orange Grove Cemetery 23-Nov-2004 obituary
Robinson John C. (Rev.) 20-Jul-2004 29-Jul-1929 Norhtview Cemetery, Cedartown 23-Jul-2004 obituary
Robinson Karlie Elizabeth 5-Feb-2000 23-Jan-2000 Polk Memory Gardens 8-Feb-2000 obituary
Robinson Lucille 4-Feb-1999     8-Feb-1999 death notice
Robinson Raybon T.  27-May-2004 20-Feb-1926   3-Jun-2004 obituary
Robinson Walter Burnett Jr. 25-Oct-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 27-Oct-2005 death notice
Robinson  Arlene  30-May-2006   Taylor City Cemetery 2-Jun-2006 obituary
Robledo Consuelo Z. 27-Oct-2001 15-Dec-1921 Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Cemetery, Taylor 29-Oct-2001 obituary
Rocha Jesse James 7-Sep-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 10-Sep-1997 obituary
Rocha Joe Ventura 3-Jun-2000   St.Mary's Cemetery,Taylor,Tx 5-Jun-2000 death notice
Roddy Vickie 30-Dec-2001 11-Nov-1914 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 1-Jan-2002 obituary
Rode Rupert 5-Mar-1999 23-Jan-1916 I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Georgetown 8-Mar-1999 obituary
Rodenbeck Martha E. 22-Feb-2004 22-Sep-1908 Taylor City Cemetery 23-Feb-2004 obituary
Rodenbeck Winnie 27-Sep-1998 28-Apr-1905 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Sep-1998 obituary
Rodgers John R. 23-Jun-2003 19-Feb-1915 Bellwood Memorial Park 25-Jun-2003 obituary
Rodgers Lucilla Easley 16-Oct-2005 21-Oct-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Oct-2005 obituary
Rodrigues Juan F. 21-Feb-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Feb-2005 death notice
Rodriguez Cruz 19-Dec-1999 14-Sep-1916 Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 21-Dec-1999 obituary
Rodriguez Ignacio "Nash" 7-Jan-1999   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 11-Jan-1999 death notice
Rodriguez Juanita 21-Nov-2003 16-May-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Nov-2003 obituary
Rodriguez Maria Guadalupe 17-Aug-1997   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery 18-Aug-1997 death notice
Rodriguez Mateo Sr. 19-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Feb-1997 obituary
Rodriguez Rogue 18-Oct-2004 21-May-1943 Mt. Zion/Garden of Memories Cemetery, Temple 20-Oct-2004 obituary
Roeglin Gilbert Henry 11-Mar-1999 16-Apr-1922 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-1999 obituary
Roepke Clara Louise 11-Jan-1997   Pleasant Hill Cemetery,near Rockdale 13-Jan-1997 death notice
Roepke Johnnie C. 11-Apr-1998   Comfort City Cemetery, Comfort 13-Apr-1998 death notice
Roepke Rodney Allen 23-Aug-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 24-Aug-2000 death notice
Rogers Bessie Mangum 11-Aug-1998   Rutledge Cemetery in Poteet, Texas 12-Aug-1998 obituary
Rogers Oma Mae 5-Jul-1999 19-Dec-1897 Oak Hill Cemetery 6-Jul-1999 obituary
Rogers Sam   28-May-2004 6-Jul-1908   2-Jun-2004 death notice
Rogers Virginia Inez 6-Mar-1999 29-May-1911 Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 8-Mar-1999 obituary
Rogers Yolanda Morales 23-Sep-1999 6-Mar-1939 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 27-Sep-1999 obituary
Rogers  Loma  29-May-2002   Taylor City Cemetery 30-May-2002 death notice
Rohde LaVerne Odie 11-Aug-2005 21-Jan-1936 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Aug-2005 obituary
Rohlack Charlie 1-Sep-2005 3-Sep-1926 Taylor City Cemetery 5-Sep-2005 obituary
Rohlack Edna Alma 25-Oct-2000 26-Oct-1917   27-Oct-2000 obituary
Rohlak Alvin E. 15-Sep-2002     19-Sep-2002 death notice
Rojas Daniel Rev. 13-Sep-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 15-Sep-2004 death notice
Rollie Bonnie Jean 14-Feb-1997   Taylor City Cemetery 20-Feb-1997 death notice
Romans Nancy 12-Feb-2006 2-Oct-1946 Taylor City Cemetery 14-Feb-2006 obituary
Rosenbalm Clarence Olen 8-Sep-1999   Bartlett City Cemetery 10-Sep-1999 death notice
Rosenbalm Claudia 28-Oct-2000   Bartlett Cemetery 30-Oct-2000 death notice
Rosencrans Herbert Carl, Sr. 11-Jan-2002   St.John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Bartlett 14-Jan-2002 death notice
Rosenkranz Paul 2-Sep-1998 23-Jan-1914 Taylor City Cemetery 4-Sep-1998 obituary
Rosenthal Edgar 14-Mar-2002 9-Jul-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 15-Mar-2002 obituary
Rosipal Alice 21-Apr-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery 23-Apr-1998 death notice
Rosipal Emilie 28-Aug-1997   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 29-Aug-1997 death notice
Ross Edward "Sony" 13-Aug-1998   Taylor City Cemetery 21-Aug-1998 death notice
Ross Elsie   6-Nov-2001 23-Oct-1918 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Nov-2001 obituary
Ross Gloria Sorenson    26-Jun-1924   13-Oct-2005 obituary
Ross Karl L. Jr. 31-Jan-2005 7-Jul-1985 Taylor City Cemetery 2-Feb-2005 obituary
Ross Mrs. Pearlie Mae Hamilton     Taylor City Cemetery 23-Sep-1997 obituary
Ross Senora Mae 3-Nov-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 4-Nov-2005 obituary
Ross Tommy Lee 21-Jul-2002 17-May-1936 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Jul-2002 obituary
Ross  Emma J. 18-Nov-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 23-Nov-2001 death notice
Rountree Billy Joe "Bill" 10-Nov-2004   Taylor City Cemetery 12-Nov-2004 obituary
Rouse Frances Holub 3-Aug-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 5-Aug-1997 obituary
Routh Fay C. 9-Aug-2001     9-Aug-2001 death notice
Rowald Werner 29-Dec-2001   Taylor City Cemetery 31-Dec-2001 death notice
Rowan Geraldine "Gerri" Williams 30-Oct-2001 31-Jan-1933 Granger City Cemetery 31-Oct-2001 obituary
Rowe Dale M. 8-Feb-2006 25-May-1951 Taylor City Cemetery 10-Feb-2006 obituary
Rowe Florence B. 28-Aug-2004 19-Jan-1917 Taylor City Cemetery 30-Aug-2004 obituary
Rowe Kenneth Clyde 18-Jun-2001 24-May-1912 Taylor City Cemetery 20-Jun-2001 obituary
Rowe Wanda Ramseur 26-Feb-2005   Taylor City Cemetery 28-Feb-2005 death notice
Rowsey Myrl A. 2-Apr-2001 18-Apr-1900 Mission Burial Park South Mausoleum, San Antonio 5-Apr-2001 obituary
Rozacky Alvin 6-Dec-2002 13-Aug-1915 Taylor City Cemetery 9-Dec-2002 obituary
Rozacky Beatrice 29-Oct-2000   Taylor City Cemetery 30-Oct-2000 death notice
Rozacky Beatrice Emma 29-Oct-2000 22-Jun-1916 Taylor City Cemetery 31-Oct-2000 obituary
Rozacky Marie Elizabeth 11-May-2004   Machu Cemetery, Granger 14-May-2004 obituary
Rozacky Matilda 10-Oct-2001   Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Granger 12-Oct-2001 death notice
Rozacky Maureen (Gladys) 20-Nov-2001 30-Jul-1914 Machu Cemetery,Granger 22-Nov-2001 obituary
Rozacky Nettie Lucille Rosenbalm 24-Jan-1999   Calvary Cemetery, Granger 26-Jan-1999 obituary
Rozacky Robert Adolph "Mr.Bob" 4-Aug-2001 26-Dec-1910 Calvary Cemetery 6-Aug-2001 obituary
Rozacky Vlasta Hermina 18-Jul-2002 26-Jan-1909 Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery, Pflugerville 22-Jul-2002 obituary
Roznovak Agnes Albina 20-Jan-1999 16-Aug-1895 Taylor City Cemetery 21-Jan-1999 obituary
Roznovak Billy Joe  26-Sep-2003 22-Mar-1931 Taylor City Cemetery 29-Sep-2003 obituary
Roznovak Ernest (Rosie) 10-May-2002     27-May-2002 death notice
Roznovak Hilda 5-Mar-2002 14-Mar-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 6-Mar-2002 obituary
Roznovak Jerry E. 5-Jan-2002 12-Jun-1913 Taylor City Cemetery 7-Jan-2002 obituary
Roznovak Marvin Gilbert 20-Dec-2001 11-Dec-1920 Taylor City Cemetery 24-Dec-2001 obituary
Roznovsky Joe Jr. 29-Apr-1998   Holy Cross Cemetery, Granger 1-May-1998 death notice
Ruemke Edmond 13-May-1999   Holland Cemetery 14-May-1999 death notice
Ruiz Bruno 29-Oct-2001   Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Taylor 30-Oct-2001 death notice
Rummel Clara Helen 27-May-1998   Sunset Memorial Park, Coos-Bay,Oregon 1-Jun-1998 death notice
Ruschhaupt Lucille 14-Sep-2000   St.John Lutheran Cemetery, Meyersville 15-Sep-2000 death notice
Russell Lena Marie 3-Sep-2005     6-Sep-2005 death notice
Ruzicka Otillie 23-Oct-2002 26-Sep-1920 St.Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery 25-Oct-2002 obituary
Ryan Mrs. Charles K. (Louella) 11-Mar-1998 23-Jul-1898 Taylor City Cemetery 12-Mar-1998 obituary
Ryan  James 1-May-2003 10-Apr-1920 Holland Cemetery 9-May-2003 obituary
Rychlik Cecelia 6-Jan-1997   St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 8-Jan-1997 death notice
Rychlik Jodie   21-Nov-1934 Houston 27-Jan-2005 obituary
Rychlik Mary Rose Mikolaj     St. Mary's Cemetery, Taylor 7-Mar-2002 obituary

It really showed a death date of a month earlier!!